Friday, September 30, 2011


I am currently upgrading my camera Sony Alpha 300 to a Canon T3i so I can put up videos too! I also ordered an point and shoot to keep in my bag for those uncertain eating outings and I also have my friend helping me in redesigning the layout for this blog!

Woooooot~~ Wait for it!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soobak - Davis Island

When it comes to Korean food in the area I always have to try it. I love Korean food and I love Asian fusion. Soobak is a little out of the way for me, but I made a date with my friend Becca to try some and I do not regret it at all. A very tiny place but they serve really good food. There's Korean and Japanese bento boxes, rice bowls, sushi, and frozen yogurt.

The interior for this little restaurant is half and half. It looks nice but yet there's area that looks unfinished. It reminds me of Bento's Cafe but on a budget cut. They hold a few tables inside and a few seatings outside. I was surprised how tiny it was but it's a comfortable and well lit restaurant. They have a self serve yogurt area which is really nice and also a soda machine. Typical furniture from Ikea but it's clean and bright.

Galbi Bento box

We ordered the Galbi bento box, Conch salad, Sensei, Spider and Signature Soobak roll. Everything tasted great and I really want to point out that the price was really reasonable. The Galbi bento box came with a good amount of meat (a little disappointed that it had too much fat on it) some vegetables, salad and rice. I wish it also came with some miso soup like other places, but other than that the food tasted great. The seasoning for the galbi tasted just like ones you would normally eat elsewhere.

The Conch salad was a little disappointing to me. I was expecting a mixture of conch and their sauce but instead I get some iceberg lettuce a few pieces of conch, decoration and dressing. The taste was fine and the conch was really chewy and sweet but sadly I wished there was either more conch or it was made in a different way.

Spider & Sensei roll

Signature Soobak roll
Their sushi was pretty good. I ate it happily and liked the Sensei roll the best. The presentation was really nice, the rice was chewy, the sauce wasn't overpowering and everything was fresh. That's what I enjoy most when it comes to food. The freshness and the natural taste. I want to leave a side note that the pickled ginger was really nice. It wasn't too strong but it was strong enough to refresh the palette, it's also a little sweet.

I would love to go back to Soobak the next time I'm in the Tampa area. It's a must go to just because the food is good and the price is worth it, especially since it's so close to University of Tampa and downtown area. They have happy hour specials everyday which can save you a few bucks. They also serve frozen yogurt here which saves you the drive for dessert. Sadly, the froyo wasn't to my liking but it's not bad at all.

I highly recommend this to a friend!

My partner in dine, Becca!
She goes to UT which is a 6 minute drive from Soobak. Invite your friends over to Soobak and share the Asian Fusion love please!

Thanks <3


218 E Davis Blvd
Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 258-3377

Soobak's Facebook

Soobak on Urbanspoon

City Street Sweets - Hyde Park

Hyde Park is really fun to walk around in, especially in a group. After the Food Truck rally we decided to walk around a bit since we didn't want to part from each other yet. We ended up over here and then over there and then suddenly a candy store stopped us... well me. I love candy stores and this one is just so sweet. The interior design is really creative and artsy. There's many glass display for their chocolates and shelves full of different types of candy.

(My Favorite part) In the back of the store there was a TV that was showing Willy Wonka (which in my opinion is the sweetest movie to show in a candy store). They also serve many different things from floats, ice cream, hot drinks, cold drinks and so on.I ended up just getting a root beer float, but I'm not sure what happened it. I did also try a piece of chocolate, it was a pumpkin pie truffle and boy was it good. It probably isn't the cheapest, but you can tell it was made from the heart. This place also has specials for each day of the week so be sure to check that out! Oh, and also the candy buffet for events!

There's candy everywhere! I didn't take a close look at what they had, but I'm sure there's a wide variety of different types.

I'm ending this post with the yummiest thing I saw at the store today. Candy apple! Not just any candy apple but massive coated apples! They look so good!

City Street Sweets

1601 W Snow Cir
Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 251-6764


First Tampa Food Truck Rally

Aside from the 90+ degree weather, scorching Florida sun and the 5,000+ people I say it was a pretty good event. Sadly, I was only able to hit a few trucks because of the massive long lines, but I'm happy and will be back Oct. 22nd for their next rally!

I think the biggest disappointment I had was when I found out Whatever Pops wasn't going to be there. I was super excited to try their unique flavors, but they were busy somewhere else in Ybor. I hope to see them next event because those popsicles are calling my name!

We started out with Coconut Bo's thinking it would be a short wait and it was super hot. It was getting pretty busy at around 11am and it just got more and more intense as the time goes by.

The wait was extremely long at Coconut Bo's, especially for smoothies. They were backed up and everyone was getting pretty antsy. We all ended up getting a smoothie, they have a large variety of flavors and they also look great! These things cooled me down, but I don't think I would come looking for Coconut Bo's for smoothies. It's too icy for my liking and they also are make their smoothies from all fruit juices. I actually like real fruits in my smoothies.

After a few circles around we ended up at Wicked Wiches for some food. An hour and a half after opening the lines were super crazy. We noticed that the food trucks were already running out of food and even closing their doors. Nelly Nel's was the first to close up and I was only half way in line for my first official "food" truck.

We ended up ordering pretty much everything off the menu here at Wicked Wiches. It was hard because while in line they would start erasing things off the menu and that was heart breaking.

Lychee Mango Limeade

Dr. Pepper Dancing Chicken
Sloppy Mary Kotas

I have to give these guys mad props. They are super creative with their food and it also tastes great. I was a bit worried it would just taste like any other fried food but they all have their own flavors. Their signature sweet potato chips were probably not my favorite. Some were cooked too long and they are also drizzled in some sort of sweet glaze. The Dr. Pepper dancing chicken was a really cool idea and I got it mainly because how different it looked from other food served here. The chicken was actually moist inside and the batter wasn't too thick either. Most of the items are served fried and this could be one of the reason I'm not in "love" with Wicked Wiches. We also got the Big Lebrowski I believe which is a sausage that's fried up. I actually like this a lot because it had a really thin layer of batter and was super crispy but the inside was still moist. There was also the Cheeseburger Eggroll, Sloppy mary and this fried sandwich that I can't remember the name of. I had also ordered one of their Lychee Mango Limeade and it is REALLY good. It's served in a cute carton and there was also a surprise lychee inside of it.

The lines were still long for some of the remaining trucks but menu items were now limited. I wanted to grab some cupcakes from The Cuppin Cake but sadly they were all sold out. I was disappointed but I'm ready for the next event!

Oh my friend also grabbed some crab cakes from Michelle Faedo's truck and they are AMAZING! I normally don't care much for crab cake, but I was really amazed at how much crab was stuffed in these little cakes. I love crab by itself, but man are these good cakes. I tried this devil crab one from my friend and it had a strong crab taste to it. It was still good, and you get a kick from all the crab. The next item I tried was the crab cake itself and it was amazing. It's full of crab meat and it also has a tangy kick to it.

It was a super hot day, but I'm satisfied with how the day rolled out. I knew the food was going to run out fast so I tried my best to come early but that was still not enough. The event was only expecting 1,000 but people from all over the bay area started to gather. Somehow 5,000 people manage to grab a sight of our first Tampa Food Truck Rally and I hope for the next event we make even bigger news happen!

For you all that missed this first event do not worry! There's the next Food Truck Rally happening next month, Oct. 22 and supposedly this event will hold around 20 different trucks. Exciting!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tampa's first food truck rally

IT'S ALMOST HERE! I'm so excited because I love food and it'll be my first time at a food truck rally! I always wanted to try it out and I guess this is my chance. This Saturday the 24th is the date to remember and it's from 11am-3pm but of course I'm going to try to come out way earlier than that.

Here's the listed trucks and vendor from CL

Wicked Wiches facebook.com/WickedWichesTampa
Sandwiches are the king here, with a few extras like hollowed-out rolls stuffed with juicy fixin's and smashballs (think alternative meatballs, kinda). The more unusual the better here, from egg, potatoes, bacon and cheese on a gooey glazed donut to Italian sausage sushi.

3 Ballers Travelling Bistro Search for 3 Ballers on Facebook
Ballers serves a few simple savory dishes, but sweets are their specialty, including pretty cupcakes; amazing cookies that combine flavors you've likely never experienced in disc form; and plenty of personal-sized cakes, pies and more.

Fire Monkey facebook.com/FireMonkeyFoodTruck
If you are a vegan or vegetarian, look for the bright green Fire Monkey truck with waves of orange flame along the bottom. Chef Carlos Martinez shops the markets on an almost daily basis, meaning the menu changes with both the seasons and what's available. You might find a killer take on banh mi, veggie burritos, or fish sliders, all heavy on the flavor. (Read more about Fire Monkey on p. 96.)
Whatever Pops
Artisan popsicles? Wrap your mind around flavors like strawberry basil, cucumber mint, chocolate sea salt and wasabi lime, all made with natural ingredients and served up on a stick for easy portable consumption.

Michelle Faedo's
This classic Ybor Cuban joint has terrific devil crab, meat pies and a Cuban sandwich coated with a signature blend of garlic and herbs that gives it a piquant power that you don't find at most press-and-serve joints.

Coconut Bo's
This rolling smoothie stand sells a few sandwiches, but its real contribution to the rally comes in the form of frigid blended beverages loaded with healthy fruit and snowcones doused in neon-colored sugary syrup.

Fat Tortillas
Fat Tortillas can be a tough sell when embarking on an all-day food truck eatathon, because their Tex-Mex burritos are so damn massive they could put you down for the count. Get a group and order the buenos dias, a burrito stuffed with grilled steak, eggs and whatever else you want.

The Cuppin Cake
Though Cuppin Cake's truck isn't ready yet, this soon-to-be portable cupcakery based out of Brandon will have a tent chock full of its namesake, with flavors like choco-nutter, creamsicle, cherry bomb and the classics.

Nelly Nel's
This small truck packs big flavor into bowls made from mashed and deep-fried plantains, stuffed with fried-chicken or pork nuggets, or grilled steak and a slew of veggies, herbs and sauces.

Killer Samich
This brand-new truck — just started serving at the beginning of this month — concocts interesting takes on sandwich classics. Head here to be at the forefront of Tampa's food truck scene.

Buddy Brew Coffee
Buddy Brew sources its own beans, roasts on a daily basis, and will brew it fresh on site. Drink early and often to keep up your energy levels in the face of caloric overload.

Source: Creative Loafing

I made a list and noted which one I would really like to try to the least (of course I want to try them all). The most interesting one that I really want to try would be Whatever Pops with their natural popsicles and variation of flavors (I want to try the strawberry basil, cucumber mind and wasabi lime). Coconut Bo's sounds good too especially their smoothies! Also The Cuppin Cake, they may not have their truck ready but I'm sure they will have their little area serving up their cupcakes. There's a few sandwiches trucks and even a Tex -Mex one so this will be interesting! Supposedly there will be some "guest trucks" so we'll see who else will be there :D!

Ocean Blue Sushi Bar

The one and only place to go to in Clearwater for late night sushi is Ocean Blue. Not only at night but also for dinner and lunch. Sushi anytime of the day pretty much! Comon, who doesn't love sushi any time they want?

Half lounge and half traditional restaurant, you get to pick what you're in the mood for. There's also a deck in the back that's great for some fresh air. An amazing bar with great bartenders and also great servers. On certain days there are different events going on (for example Karaoke Night & Djs) and they also have selected items that's half off after 10 pm.

They have a great menu with a lot of variation. From appetizers, bento boxes, entree, sweets, and ice cream. Oh did I forget to mention about their sushi? They also have their own specialty sushi menu including the Scott roll, Volcano, Sexy and many more rolls to serve you.

Sexy roll

Spicy Fish Salad
Honestly, my most favorite item to order would be the spicy fish salad. Don't let the price tag scare you because this is the one dish I can never get anywhere else. There's large amount of salmon and tuna mixed with a squid salad, cucumber, and their spicy sauce. It is amazing and that's all I can say. It's great to share with others, but being me I love to eat this all by myself with a bowl of rice. It's so satisfying in every sense that I could care less about anything else.

To end the meal off I really recommend their fried ice cream or even their mochi ice cream. The fried ice cream is large enough to share with others and it's too good to pass up. The mochi ice cream is probably my favorite but could be a challenge for some to eat because mochi can sometimes be quite sticky and different to American dessert. Mochi (glutinous rice cake) is a traditional Japanese dessert or snack, so if you're willing for an mini trip to Japan it's a must try!

My apologies for the pictures not being sharp, lighting wasn't the greatest

Ocean Blue Sushi Bar

2475 McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL 33759


Ocean Blue's Facebook

Ocean Blue Sushi on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cake Push Pops - Seasons Cafe & Bakery

Cake push pops have been really popular lately. I've seen them in pictures everywhere (cough.. tumblr) and tonight I was able to grab myself some at Seasons. Simple and fun to eat and they also remind you of the ice cream push pops as a child.

These push pop cakes at Seasons are probably not the most delicious cake I've had, but I think I had more of a joy buying them than actually tasting them. I love how Seasons always have something new and I think that's what attracts me to them. I always come in not knowing what else there might be to try.

I'm waiting on their flavor filled boba, which I'm excited to try!

Seasons Cafe & Bakery

7261 US Hwy 19 N
Pinellas Park, 33781

(727) 623-0923

Monday, September 19, 2011

Homemade Fried Wontons

These pan fried suckas are the way to go! Yeah, deep fried dumplings are addicting, but these pan fried skins are crispy and chewy at the same time. The innards are always moist and juicy. (cough) It's also an healthier way of eating "fried" dumplings.

My favorite dipping sauce for any dumplings consist of soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce and a little bit of sugar. It's sweet, salty and tangy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

College Eats - Stouffer's Easy Express Meals

As a college student with no money I'm always on the look out for easy, cheap, delicious and somewhat healthy meals. I try to make my food most of the time, but like any other kid in this world I am super busy with my classes and work that I just don't have time to have a nicely cooked meal or maybe I'm just really lazy.

I cut out all frozen meals out of my life for a few years until I started to get desperate. I've looked around in the frozen food isle and have tried plenty of meals from the lean cuisine, steamers, those really cheap dollar ones and so on. The only one I really really like are Stouffer's Easy Express meals. They take some time to cook a range of 10-15 minutes which is nothing to me and they cost less then $4. There's a good two servings in there which is great for sharing or eating twice! Normally, when I go out to grab food it's already $10 bucks or so.

I was skeptical at first because all frozen meals I've ever gotten never turned out like the packages picture but everything is the same! No soggy vegetables, no extra grease, just great tasting food with enough seasoning to satisfy anyone's taste buds.The vegetables are fresh and the chicken taste like chicken! I've tried other Easy Express meals and was also pleased with them. I think this is great for College kids wanting something cheap yet easy to make. It's also great for young couples with no money to try something different than Hamburger Helper and etc.

I recommend this :)

- Taste just like how it should taste... yummy!
- Easy to make
- Fresh vegetables
- Chicken taste like real chicken
- Looks just like the package
- Cheap

- May take some time to cook
- Need a skillet
- Only a few selections of flavors

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My mama's phở

My favorite dish in the whole wide world would be phở and not just any phở but the one my mother makes. Of course anyone would say their mother's food is the best but this could possible the best dish my mom can make. As a child I took all the food she made for me for granted and wish she continued to cook me delicious food, but sadly shes tired of cooking for us so I'm on my own most of the time.

I really appreciate whoever makes me phở because the long hours of cooking and precise seasoning takes some talent. I love the beefy broth and all the spices that goes into this bowl of goodness. I always tell other that instead of chicken noodle soup I go for a bowl of phở.Especially when I'm feeling sick or down, it's such a great pick-me-up.

Phở is my bowl of happiness :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The food trucks are coming to Tampa!

Click here to read more about this event!

On Sept. 24th from 11am-3pm many food trucks will gather in Tampa this year. I'm excited and want to go so bad so if anyone is interested, lets go!

I'm trying to skip a few hours of work to go :D
It'll be fun!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moon/Fall festival in St. Petersburg

my lovely mama
Went to the Moon/Fall festival at a temple in St. Petersburg with the family. We didn't do much but our bows/prayers and eat haha! It was crowded and I'm kinda short so it was difficult to take pictures. People are everywhere!

There was a lot of food vendors. I only had a bite of a few items being sold. I had vegetarian egg rolls which was really good, vegetarian banh mi and veg lo mein, oh and those waffle things!

Got to see some dragon dances and greeted some old friends of mom and such.