Safety Harbor Food Truck Rally

2/11/2012 01:43:00 PM

Woo~ I attended another Food Truck Rally and this one was right down the street from my house. It was super close so I had to check it out and I also got to bring my little dog around. It was a tiny rally but I got to try a food truck I wanted to try for awhile.

Stinky Bunz~

I've only known about their truck from the past rally that I wasn't able to attend, so when I saw they were going to be at today's food rally I had to try it! I was excited for their bun sandwiches because I've never been able to get my hands on any in the area. I've seen them everywhere in Cali and NY but not in FL. I'm glad I got to try some because they are good!

I tried their Chili Beef buns that came with kimchi fried rice and a little piece of mint! The buns were nice, soft, and moist and the meat (inards) were flavorful. It wasn't too salty or bland and it wasn't too spicy, they have Sriracha hot sauce if you're wanting a kick! They have different types of filling you can chose from and also toppings so read the menu well! I got the pickled radish on top which reminds me of the ones you would get on Vietnamese banh mi, sweet and tangy. I really enjoyed these little bun sandwiches. The truck also serves lettuce wraps and rice bowls.

I wasn't too crazy for the kimchi fried rice though. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't awful. It's nice that they serve the fried rice as part of the meal though. A very filling meal!

Safety Harbor is a really small town, but it's filled with tons of hidden treasures. I sat down to some acoustic music and was able to pick up some empanadas from Mr. Empanadas and also grabbed a popsicle from Whatever Pops!

It was super windy so I had to rush around because my poor doggy was shivering. Thanks Becca for helping me keep him warm :)

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