2/11/2012 08:39:00 PM

I really appreciate everyone that has supported me! Especially one's that let me know you're still here reading this blog.

Shance M. gave me a comment on my facebook and it made me really happy because I know there are still people reading my blog! I appreciate it and also no one should be afraid to come up to me :D I'm harmless I swear! and I love meeting everyone.

"I had these bunz too. I had the pork, shrimp and chili beef. I like the shrimp and the beef the best. I was standing behind you at the bunz truck. I would of said hi, I follow your blog but I was not 100% sure it was you. I love your blog. I went to seasons cafe the other day it was very good. It was your blog I seen it on. Thank you."

Thanks Shance and everyone :D!

Have a good night~

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