Instagram update #3

4/19/2012 09:35:00 PM

WARNING - this update will be overloaded with tons of pictures!!

EDIT - Since names of dishes and business was requested I have to edit it in. Please excuse the mess :D!

While I was away from the computer I relied on my iphone for all the pictures and outings I've been doing. With my father's random visit and all the bday's this month I've been out and about a lot.

Have yourself a feast!

Pho Dac Biet - Pho Quyen (Hillsborough)
Dim Sum [tripe, chicken feet, fried taro balls, shu mai] - TC Choy (Tampa)

Pho Dac Biet - Pho Quyen (Hillsborough)
Broken Rice with egg roll, pork skin and pork chop - Pho Quyen (Pinellas)

Dim Sum [shu mai, chicken feet, short ribs, tripe, sticky rice] - Ha Long Bay (Pinellas)

Broken rice with Pork Chops - Pho Quyen (USF Tampa)
Dim Sum - Tc Choy (Tampa)
Dim Sum - Ha Long Bay (Pinellas)
BBQ Pork bun - Pho 97 (Pinellas)
While my dad was visiting for 2 weeks I had a never ending supply of Vietnamese food and Dim Sum. It gotten to the point that I ended up getting sick of Asian food and I am still kind of sick of it right now. I ate out so much that I didn't even want to eat anymore and everything started to taste the same but since my dad lives out in the Virgin Islands he feasted to his heart content. I didn't have any say but kept him company while shoving more food into my face haha!

 We had some fresh crawfish from Crazy Cajun in Tampa. I would have to say it was good but wasn't the best. Def would just stick to their crawfish and nothing else.

My little brother and my daddy!

I cheated while my dad was visiting and ran off to buy my own food haha! I had a sweet tomatoes, frozen yogurt from Yogurtland in St. Petersburg, BK, moes nachos while reading, yummy tea and mall food!

I went to LegoLand with a couple of friends and got to try some apple fries! I would probably never try this again but can say that I've tried it. It's pretty good but I prefer my apples cold and crisp. There was a sweet whip cream dipping for the hot sizzling apple fries.

 I was able to eat bun bo hue a dish my dad cooked for the family :) It's such a meaningful dish because my dad has never made me a proper meal before. Oh how emotional!

Buffet Sushi from Oriental Buffet (Clearwater)
Spicy Fish Salad [tuna, salmon, ika, cucumbers in a spicy sauce] -Ocean Blue (Clearwater)
Sexy Susie - Sushi Spot (Largo)

Ate sushi at a few different places~

Made some cream pasta with bacon, shrimp and spinach. Mom made some Vietnamese food and I also made risotto :D!

Chicken Club - Wendy's
Cookies n' Creme - Starbucks

Macarons - Le Macaron (St. Petersburg)
White Sangrias - Bar Fly (Safety Harbor)

Just random photos~
That should be a good update :D well enjoy!!

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  1. Everything looks so good. Where to start. I'll take one of everything. Especially the soup, sushi and those fries. Keep the food coming.