Business Cards

5/18/2012 03:38:00 AM

I've always wanted my own business cards so here it is! My own personal business cards for my blog :D! I ordered some about 10 minutes ago on Zazzle and I'm super excited to get them in. I find handing out cards with my information would be so much easier than explaining and writing down my website/information.

Hopefully people will remember to check me out too!!

I'm really happy how much of an improvement this blogging life has been. I've upgraded the website so it's much more professional, I've learned more ways to take my photos, gone to more events and am working hard to satisfy my viewers. I hope you all continue to give me support and please do share! I love seeing more viewers :D.

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  1. I am ever so happy for you. This is a great site! And the cards are fab! I want to put like a button for your site on my new blog. It is very new so not much going on yet, but soon. After I get some traffic I am going to write a blog about how I met you and what a Wonderful site Dena Loves Food is. Good Luck! Shoot for the stars!