Tasty Thai Cafe - Clearwater

5/24/2012 01:16:00 AM

The name of this Thai restaurant doesn't lie at all. It sure is tasty! Tasty Thai Cafe replaced the old Quiznos that used to be there and it sure doesn't disappoint. Tasty Thai Cafe lies in a an almost perfect plaza; consisting of a gym, a few office like stores, a sushi restaurant, Chinese take out, Publix grocery store, a nail salon, a pet store, a pizza parlor,  a dollar store and so much more.

Despite being a new restaurant it had some killer reviews on Yelp so I decided to make it tonight's dinner date with my friend Gabby. This little cafe is clean, bright and it also has a beautiful open kitchen. The waitresses are all super nice and it's a very warm and inviting place.

The food were all delicious and I'm very happy to be able to have such a place so close to my home. The price range were all very reasonable and perhaps even cheaper than the normal Thai restaurants near by.

We started off with the Tasty Thai Sampler which consisted of veggie eggrolls, spring rolls, shrimp wrapped in an wonton wrapper, fried wontons and crab rangoons.

All were really yummy, super hot and fresh. I did noticed that all the eggrolls had too many layers so it was a little tougher than normal eggrolls I've had, but I enjoyed them all. The crab rangoons had a hint of curry which was a nice surprise and also a great way to give these a kick. I also enjoyed the veggie eggrolls and the fried wontons.

Another one of my favorite was the Tom Kha soup which is a chicken and mushroom coconut soup with other unique herbs. It's so tarty and rich in flavors without the thickness or heaviness. It's really refreshing and Tasty Thai Cafe served it perfectly.

A must try!!

For entrees, Gabby ordered up some Chicken Pad Thai and I opted for the Chicken Penang Curry. I had a bite of the pad thai and thought it was pretty good. It wasn't too saucy and the noodles weren't overcooked. I enjoyed the pad thai!

I also loved my Penang curry which was loaded with zucchini, carrots, bell peppers and chicken. The ordering technique at Tasty Thai Cafe reminds me of how I would order at Mama Fu's. You pick your protein and then you can pick the type of dish you want.

You could also order brown rice instead of white but sadly it had a $2 price tag so I just stayed with the white rice. Either way the dish was very delicious! For all dishes you can pick your levels of spiciness and I stuck with Medium which was perfect for me. The curry was just perfect, it wasn't too salty and had the perfect consistency and flavor.

                                         (note: I love the heart shaped rice!)

With no room for dessert I had throw the towel down. They do serve up the typical sticky rice with mangoes and fried bananas with ice cream. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience here at Tasty Thai Cafe and would definitely come back. It's reasonable priced and they serve up very tasty food.

Special thanks to Gabby for joining me tonight :)

Tasty Thai Cafe - Clearwater

1530 N Mcmullen Booth Rd Ste D4
Clearwater, FL 33759

(727) 600-8037

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  1. What I love about traveling is you get to experience a lot of things and taste a lot of new foods. I remember eating some good dishes when I stayed at Indonesia, foods were good.

  2. What I enjoyed the most during my trip there in Thailand well of course apart from the food is their monks sense of contentment. Especially when we visited a monastery they are just admirable especially when they are doing their yoga routines and practicing martial arts as part of their daily exercise. Just amazing.

  3. This is amazing! For me, the best time to eat Thai food is after spa. It's relaxing, and it's always the perfect taste I crave for, after a day of pampering!

  4. Wow! They all look so delectable, mouth-watering and healthy at the same time! My doctor told me to eat a lot of protein and calcium-filled foods to help me heal my leg injury faster and I think, this will do.

  5. I certainly agree with what Brianna said, Thai food is best after a relaxing spa; that’s why right after our spa sessions we directly go for a Thai resto. My family loves the Thai culture, not just referring to their food but also on how their houses were designed, just like here in this resto, we can see in the picture the existence of bamboos, that’s giving the feeling of being close to nature, no wonder My parents choose a Thai inspired house because of this reason.