Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Orlando

6/18/2012 03:09:00 AM

My cousin and his girlfriend came to visit me from Seattle and one of their hit list was the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Orlando. We ordered the tickets online and off we went on our 1.5 hour drive. There are limited seats which could be a good and bad thing. The "normal" seats were perfect but if you had extra money to spend I would suggest upgrading your seats. I went for the normal seats and was placed probably around the 5th-7th row. Order your tickets in advance because it seems that seats are booked pretty fast.

If you get there early enough before seating you can get your pictures taken and also explore around the huge castle. There's a few bars to order drinks from and also a gift shop to visit. You'll be handed a color and table number once you get in and that will be the knight you'll be cheering on during dinner.

Medieval Times really does take out their time with each and every detail for this dinner show. Once seated you'll have to take a few minutes to take in the surrounding because I must say it is pretty darn amazing. The dinner show provides you a good amount of food and Pepsi is provided if you're wondering.

Be warned that you will have no utensils so feel free to beast it (use your hands)!

We first started off with their Garlic Bread which is similar to a flat bread and their Tomato Bisque which was one of my favorite dish from the dinner show. The tomato bisque was perfectly seasoned so no need to grab for the salt and pepper shakers. I enjoyed it by dipping my flat bread into the tangy bisque.

Every thing is served up warm and you can start chowing down anytime you want. 

The amazing view of the show while enjoying my meal!  As you can see my "normal" seat had a pretty good view and I was seated the second to last row up (Yellow team).

Medieval isn't my thing but I certainly did enjoy it. The food was pretty good and you also get good seats no matter what. There's humor and also tons of actions which is great for audience of all ages. You certainly do get into the show as you cheer on your specific colored knight. I also adored watching the King eat while we were served our meal too.

The next few items on the menu were  roasted half chicken, herb-roasted potatoes and a spare rib. This was more than enough food and I had to get boxes for my left over. It doesn't just end there! We were also served coffee and a apple turnover pastry.

Would I recommend Medieval Times? YES! It's a great show to attend if you're visiting or haven't been to it yet. You can try to find discounts or deals for the tickets, but the food and show is actually worth the $$ you pay. It is a very interactive show as we all get riled up cheering for our knights.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
4510 W Irlo Bronson Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34746

(866) 731-9319
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