Sweet Tomatoes Express - Clearwater

6/24/2012 03:20:00 PM

Everyone in the area should be well familiar to Sweet Tomatoes aka the salad buffet. I love this place as it serves up endless salads, soups and also bakery. It's one of my favorite place to go when I need a greenery detox. 

Just recently a Sweet Tomatoes Express opened up about 5 minutes away compared to the Sweet Tomatoes buffet which is about 15-20 minutes away.

I was lucky enough to get a complementary combo meal before it opened and was able to try it out for the first time last week. I was a bit curious as what the express meant and had in mind that it would be somewhat like a Chipotle or Subway style of "express" food and I was completely right.

There are a few signature salads to choose from or even 'a build your own salad'. There are premium meat toppings that cost a few dollars mores and combo choices from their soups, mac n cheese or baked potato. I opted for their Caesar Asiago Salad, a soup and bread.

I really enjoyed my meal and for the fact that it was free it tasted even more amazing! The Caesar Asiago salad was a bit plain with just greens, cheese and croutons; it would go great with chicken but sadly I didn't want to fork the 2 bucks for that. The soup I got was loaded with meatballs, tomatoes and other veggies and herbs but I can't seem to remember the name. I just know it was really good but for 8oz of soup I was really sad when I finished it so fast. The bread which comes with the meal was somewhat cheesy and chewy. It had a nice flavor but it was a little tough to eat alone. I used it to dip it into my soup and it turned out to be an amazing combo!

So in conclusion I love this place. I was a big fan of Sweet Tomatoes but could only go once in awhile as it tends to be a bit pricey for me (a college student) to be spending that much on salads. I'm not too sure if I'll go to this new Sweet Tomato Express often as it as pricey as going to the buffet but with less food. The whole meal I just had without a drink was about $8-9 already but it's a good healthy option if you're watching what you eat.

I would prefer to make my own salads as it's much cheaper and I have more options. Other than that I really do like this Sweet Tomatoes Express and if you have the money I suggest this place as it has everything from the Sweet Tomatoes buffet ready for you in a "to go" package.

Sweet Tomatoes Express - Clearwater

1840 Gulf To Bay
Clearwater, FL 33765

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