Yogurtland ft. Sanrio

7/15/2012 06:57:00 PM

This year is actually my first year out for the Sanrio event at Yogurtland. I remember seeing pictures last year but sadly was not able to get any. I'm a huge frozen yogurt fan and in fact I once had a part time job in the past at a yogurt parlor. I must say I ate frozen yogurt nonstop. It probably wasn't the healthiest diet I had but it wasn't the worse.. over ice cream of course.

After a day of testing at school I decided to give Yogurtland a visit. It was a rainy and cold day but I really wanted some to cheer me up from the depressing endless projects and finals. I love yogurt parlors with a large variety of flavors and are also self-serve. If you haven't been to Yogurtland yet I suggest you to try it out! It's a clean yet cheerful place.

All Yogurtland locations at the moment should be serving their yogurt in the Sanrio cups with character spoons. It's so adorable I decided to keep mine. I love their hefty spoons and how environmental friendly Yogurtland is. I ended up with their featured Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet which happened to be way to tangy for me but was super refreshing, the Salted Caramel Pecan which was so freaking good and my favorite Taro. I sprinkled on some random toppings and was off on my drive home.

I just happened to have a few located near me but I remember thinking to myself that I wish I had one near me when I first saw their Sanrio event. I'm really impressed how fast they moved into Florida. I suggest you grab yourself some Sanrio goodies, even though it's just an event it's cute to play along.


 Spoon (Character) number two!

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