Cooking up a storm - Lots of firsts

12/05/2012 10:09:00 PM

I've been cooking a lot recently. I mean, I'm actually cooking a different meal per day which is pretty crazy for me! I've been wanting some pasta for awhile so I decided to cook up pasta for myself. It was my first time using whole wheat spaghetti and also the first time I made pasta since I've moved out. There wasn't much to it, came out mighty good.

The whole wheat spaghetti is a bit tougher than the normal ones, but with a tasty sauce it isn't too noticeable. I used ground beef for my choice of protein and added some zucchini for some extra vegetables.

This meal was also great for a few leftovers! Yum!

I also tried making a stuffed chicken dish for the first time. I really like it, I used sun dried tomatoes and pesto on top of the chicken to add extra flavor. I'm eating pretty good lately :)!

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