Monday, January 16, 2012

Yogurbella - Tampa

Had some really yummy frozen yogurt at Yogurbella. I tried their pistachio and original flavor. The original is super tart but it's really nice. The pistachio is creamy and a big sweeter. Both are delicious! It's a very clean yogurt parlor and also very bright.

Tebella Tea Company

Here's another update!

 Super super super nice people that work here! I wish I could live here honestly. All teas are delicious in it's own ways and today I was able to sample way too much. I haven't had anything I hate and I probably wouldn't. If you dislike something they are willing to make you another one without any trouble. Clean, simple and peaceful!

After today's lunch a group of us decided to check out Tebella Tea Company right across the street and I'm so glad we were able to. This is the type of tea house that I absolutely love. I'm a big fan of tea and would rather have it over coffee any day! They have so many variety of teas that I don't even know what is what. They also provide some of the most amazing treats ever!

I got to try their Carrot Cake tea and also a Banana Caramel filled macaroons and they were both just amazing. The carrot cake tea has a really strong yet subtle taste to it. It's amazing even without any sugar and it's pretty cheap for a cup. The macaroon was just bomb though! I've had macaroons before and you can't even compare them because they were just on another level. The shells had a nice crunch but was really moist and the innards were really smooth, the caramel filling was a nice surprised.

I would really suggest trying their teas and also their treats! You won't be disappointed!

Tebella Tea Company

227 E Davis Blvd
Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 254-1212


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Ruby Cafe - Tampa

Today's visit was to Ruby Cafe in Tampa. I would have never known about this place if it wasn't for Groupon. I absolutely love Groupon, especially when it can give me good deals and also take me places that I've never been to.

I had a lunch date with my dinning buddy Rebecca. We both started off with their unlimited soup, salad and bread deal. We had two choices, a curry and chili soup. There was also two choices of salad, a house salad and also a caesar salad, oh and don't forget about the fresh bread! The soups were pretty good I liked the chili the best. The salads were fresh and tasted like any normal salad. I really love the bread though, it was super fresh and toasted. Great crunch but also a nice soft and chewy center.

We also ordered spanakopita which is pretty much like a spinach pie. It was nice and crispy on the outside and super moist and soft on the inside. I loved the flaky shells of these spanakopita. The innards are also filled with a lot of spinach.

We also ordered their chicken kabobs and I will have to say these are some super moist kabobs. There was not one piece that way not juicy. The charred-ness gave the chicken some flavor and it was also paired up with their yogurt dipping sauce. The entree also comes with onion, tomatoes, bell peppers and rice.

I had wonderful service here. The waitress was very friendly and it wasn't loud or any distractions going on. The food was very good and they are in such a nice and clean building. Thanks Rebecca for coming out with me :)! They also provide some sweets but we both were way too full to eat any.

Ruby Cafe

3308 W Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609

(813) 348-2395

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Here's a little video clip for you!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Instagram update 2~

Instagram is a huge part of my life. It's just a habit to go to instagram to take some yummy photos to share with others. It's fast and fun!

White cake with blueberries in a mug

Steam pork bun (homemade)

Amazing Alesia pho~

Homemade cali rolls~

Ran out of big bowls so mom made me eat pho out of a metal bowl!

Zaru soba is so bomb when I'm starving!

galbi, spinach banchan, kimchi and bap (rice) for dinner? YAY!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homemade Banana Bread

I'm not a huge banana lover so I probably wouldn't be eating these, but I must say I love the recipe I used.

Here's the link!

This isn't the first time I've used this recipe because the unique sour cream addition was what made me never forget it. All the recipes I've used without sour cream have been dry or just not soft, but after adding sour cream to the batter the bread comes out really soft and this recipe isn't super sweet. I also added some walnuts for a bit of texture and I'm really happy the bread turned out perfect. I did try it and it was super soft and moist. The banana flavor isn't too strong, and it's also not super sweet. It's perfect and what's more important is that my mom loves it!

Odd ingredients don't exactly faze me because I know they are there for a reason. Apple sauce is another one I had to get used to a few years ago. It makes your baked goods moist and it's also not too sweet. I also have used pudding mixes in cookies and so on. Take an adventure!