Sunday, February 26, 2012

1st Visit to St. Petersburg Farmers Market

I took my first visit to St. Petersburg Saturday Farmers Market recently. I was so shocked that I've never been to one before. This place is just amazing! There was so many vendors and so many people I got a little lost a couple of times. You have everyone out here and even their cute dogs.

This market has tons of food vendors, art works, products, fresh food, and so much more. I must add there are tons of samples to try out. I didn't take as many pictures as I should, but here's a little preview of the market itself. I def want to go next time prepared!

Vendors all sit outside with their products on display for all the visitors to look at. They also provide many samples too.

Bread Artisans also had a spot set up with an amazing display. They had homemade pastries, pizza and bread available. I couldn't resist the delicious smell so I grabbed an Parmesan Chicken Danish and my friend got their Lemon Bar.

Superb! I would seriously find their bakery for their baked goods because this is not your typical bread. It's really soft in the inside and the chicken is still moist. The crust isn't tough but it has a very nice chew. This little danish has enough flavor to just eat alone without any sauce and I enjoyed it a lot. My friend loved their lemon bar, it wasn't too sweet nor too lemony. It may be a little messy to eat with all the powder sugar but she loved it!

I also got to sample some Habanero jam which has a really nice kick to it. I'm not too sure about eating more than a cracker of that stuff because it did get me a little heated. It tasted great though, as a small amount. I also got to try some infused honey and it was amazing! I especially liked the honey with Mexican almonds in them (they look like garlic at first) This one was one of my favorite samples I've had. It was served on top of whipped cream cheese and a cracker. Amazing flavor, it wasn't too sweet but it was sweet enough to satisfy my buds and the almond was soft yet crunchy. Samples everywhere!

Iced tea tasted amazing, I got the green tea with honey and ginseng and my friend grabbed herself a raspberry tea. Both tasted very refreshing It was lightly sweeten but not overly sweet.

More random pictures while walking around. By this time many places were selling out of food and products. The empanadas stand was very busy but they all looked so good. There were also a few food trucks spotted at the market.

This man here sells fresh rice cakes that pops out of this cool machine. I've only seen this in some Asian dramas as they make popped rice cake but have never come close to one in real life. It was a very fun show and check below for a quick clip of the machine doing its job!

Ethiopian food was also found at the market. They had meat and also vegetarian options. The beef that they served looked amazing!

Authentic Indian food was also served here at the market. Everything looked so tasty it was hard to decide what to eat.

I ended up getting some Thai steak curry with brown rice and a refreshing cucumber salad. It came in a very cool brown box and I just wanted to eat out of it! The curry is really flavorful and I loved how soft the brown rice was. It was fluffy just like white rice but instead it's brown. The curry sauce and rice tasted really good together. The cucumber salad wasn't my favorite as it tasted like cucumber and vinegar.

I finished off my day at the market with some popsicle and adventure off somewhere else. I am very satisfied and hope to go again soon, but this time prepared with a giant bag!

Check out the Rice Cake Poppin' machine!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Green Market Cafe- Oldsmar (Revisit)

The first time I had food at the Green Market Cafe was when they just opened. I wasn't in love with it and never really cared much about their food. I took another visit recently because I was in the area and I must say they are poppin'! The place is super packed and the food they serve now is just delicious.

I grabbed the pick two meal deal. I got a soup and flat bread sandwich and I don't regret it. Turkey Club flat bread was just amazing! There was intense flavor and enough bacon to satisfy a beast. I loved it.

This time around the meal also comes with a cup of frozen yogurt. If that doesn't call you in I don't know what does. I didn't expect the frozen yogurt part because the last time I ate here I had to buy my frozen  yogurt as an extra. I am impressed and enjoyed my revisit to the Green Market Cafe.

My old review on Green Market Cafe

Green Market Cafe

3150 Tampa Rd, Ste 1A
Oldsmar, FL 34677

(727) 787-5494

Green Market Cafe on Urbanspoon

McDonalds Chicken McBites

Something new! I must try!

I tried the new popcorn chicken from McDonalds and I like it. I love that it's driver and walker friendly. Easy to eat without the mess.

The packaging includes a slot for your sauce which is an amazing idea and it makes eating so much easier. Too bad it's not like Korea with the drink on the bottom of the cup and food bites on the top half of the cup.

I had to rush while eating so I didn't have enough time to dissect it. The regular size was more than enough for me and they do serve the cute snack size too!

I enjoy the bigger pieces because there's more chicken in it!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Layout

How do you guys like the new layout? There's still some spots that needs to be fixed, but I think it looks pretty nice now! No more domo style layout. This one is super clean and more organized.

I hope you like it :D

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I really appreciate everyone that has supported me! Especially one's that let me know you're still here reading this blog.

Shance M. gave me a comment on my facebook and it made me really happy because I know there are still people reading my blog! I appreciate it and also no one should be afraid to come up to me :D I'm harmless I swear! and I love meeting everyone.

"I had these bunz too. I had the pork, shrimp and chili beef. I like the shrimp and the beef the best. I was standing behind you at the bunz truck. I would of said hi, I follow your blog but I was not 100% sure it was you. I love your blog. I went to seasons cafe the other day it was very good. It was your blog I seen it on. Thank you."

Thanks Shance and everyone :D!

Have a good night~


Safety Harbor Food Truck Rally

Woo~ I attended another Food Truck Rally and this one was right down the street from my house. It was super close so I had to check it out and I also got to bring my little dog around. It was a tiny rally but I got to try a food truck I wanted to try for awhile.

Stinky Bunz~

I've only known about their truck from the past rally that I wasn't able to attend, so when I saw they were going to be at today's food rally I had to try it! I was excited for their bun sandwiches because I've never been able to get my hands on any in the area. I've seen them everywhere in Cali and NY but not in FL. I'm glad I got to try some because they are good!

I tried their Chili Beef buns that came with kimchi fried rice and a little piece of mint! The buns were nice, soft, and moist and the meat (inards) were flavorful. It wasn't too salty or bland and it wasn't too spicy, they have Sriracha hot sauce if you're wanting a kick! They have different types of filling you can chose from and also toppings so read the menu well! I got the pickled radish on top which reminds me of the ones you would get on Vietnamese banh mi, sweet and tangy. I really enjoyed these little bun sandwiches. The truck also serves lettuce wraps and rice bowls.

I wasn't too crazy for the kimchi fried rice though. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't awful. It's nice that they serve the fried rice as part of the meal though. A very filling meal!

Safety Harbor is a really small town, but it's filled with tons of hidden treasures. I sat down to some acoustic music and was able to pick up some empanadas from Mr. Empanadas and also grabbed a popsicle from Whatever Pops!

It was super windy so I had to rush around because my poor doggy was shivering. Thanks Becca for helping me keep him warm :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Camera Doctor

My baby (dslr) is at the shop getting it's sensor cleaned because it's super dirty. I hope to get it back soon because I feel so weird without it!