Tuesday, April 24, 2012

China Wok

After driving around I ended up at China Wok ordering some food before going to class. I must say everything was average and it tasted pretty good. I enjoyed my meal in the middle of my school parking lot in my car with the windows rolled down, cool breeze blowing and music blasting. I should mention I'm still a college student so I must live like a student!

I'm not a Chinese take out food expect nor do I eat it often but I'm not disappointed by China Wok's food at all. I ordered up some sesame chicken with brown rice! I'm so happy more places are making brown rice available because I love eating it. It's a pain when I cook it at home because I'm the only one that eats it so we end up with two rice cookers making brown and white rice.

Since I don't often eat take out that often I find that the sesame chicken was a little too sweet for my taste but don't get me wrong, it tasted great. There's also a few pieces of broccoli buried in between the chicken, only negative... is that I wished a few more was added because I like to always add more greens into my meals, but that's just me!

I'm super happy that they offer brown rice so if you're at the tip of St. Petersburg and crave for some Chinese food, come check this place out! I haven't tried anything else on the menu but I would have to say they are pretty fast with their orders. The food is served fresh and hot. The location is also pretty clean and there's a lot available on their menu.

China Wok

5055 34th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL

(727) 867-7788

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Instagram update #3

WARNING - this update will be overloaded with tons of pictures!!

EDIT - Since names of dishes and business was requested I have to edit it in. Please excuse the mess :D!

While I was away from the computer I relied on my iphone for all the pictures and outings I've been doing. With my father's random visit and all the bday's this month I've been out and about a lot.

Have yourself a feast!

Pho Dac Biet - Pho Quyen (Hillsborough)
Dim Sum [tripe, chicken feet, fried taro balls, shu mai] - TC Choy (Tampa)

Pho Dac Biet - Pho Quyen (Hillsborough)
Broken Rice with egg roll, pork skin and pork chop - Pho Quyen (Pinellas)

Dim Sum [shu mai, chicken feet, short ribs, tripe, sticky rice] - Ha Long Bay (Pinellas)

Broken rice with Pork Chops - Pho Quyen (USF Tampa)
Dim Sum - Tc Choy (Tampa)
Dim Sum - Ha Long Bay (Pinellas)
BBQ Pork bun - Pho 97 (Pinellas)
While my dad was visiting for 2 weeks I had a never ending supply of Vietnamese food and Dim Sum. It gotten to the point that I ended up getting sick of Asian food and I am still kind of sick of it right now. I ate out so much that I didn't even want to eat anymore and everything started to taste the same but since my dad lives out in the Virgin Islands he feasted to his heart content. I didn't have any say but kept him company while shoving more food into my face haha!

 We had some fresh crawfish from Crazy Cajun in Tampa. I would have to say it was good but wasn't the best. Def would just stick to their crawfish and nothing else.

My little brother and my daddy!

I cheated while my dad was visiting and ran off to buy my own food haha! I had a sweet tomatoes, frozen yogurt from Yogurtland in St. Petersburg, BK, moes nachos while reading, yummy tea and mall food!

I went to LegoLand with a couple of friends and got to try some apple fries! I would probably never try this again but can say that I've tried it. It's pretty good but I prefer my apples cold and crisp. There was a sweet whip cream dipping for the hot sizzling apple fries.

 I was able to eat bun bo hue a dish my dad cooked for the family :) It's such a meaningful dish because my dad has never made me a proper meal before. Oh how emotional!

Buffet Sushi from Oriental Buffet (Clearwater)
Spicy Fish Salad [tuna, salmon, ika, cucumbers in a spicy sauce] -Ocean Blue (Clearwater)
Sexy Susie - Sushi Spot (Largo)

Ate sushi at a few different places~

Made some cream pasta with bacon, shrimp and spinach. Mom made some Vietnamese food and I also made risotto :D!

Chicken Club - Wendy's
Cookies n' Creme - Starbucks

Macarons - Le Macaron (St. Petersburg)
White Sangrias - Bar Fly (Safety Harbor)

Just random photos~
That should be a good update :D well enjoy!!

Le Macaron - First Impression

After my visit to Rollbotto I was able to exercise my way to Le Macaron for some sweet treats. Thank you to one of my friend that treated me that night I was able to try 6 different flavors that night. For me it's been a rough path on finding good macarons and I believe these are probably one of the best ones in the area. They were crisp, chewy and flavorful. Macarons always tend to be way too sweet for me but because they are such a delight I didn't mind taking a bite of each one just for a taste.

This cute little shop is simply decorated in pink which can cause any girl's heartbeat to skip. There's only a few tables for seating and two glass display of sweets but don't let that fool you. These macarons are packed with flavor, they also seemed very familiar to me and I figured out that it's another branch from the one in Sarasota.

The owners are also French so you must trust that these are the real deal! It was a little hard to communicate since the french accent was very heavy but we managed to get our 6 flavors to try. I would have to say they weren't the cheapest but I've never seen a "cheap" macaron anywhere in this area before. They are such a delight here that I barely see any around!

There was only one glass display that served macarons while the other display had chocolates and other baked goodies. I would have to say there was about 14 or so different flavors to pick from and since I came in the middle of the night some trays were almost gone. I was able to try salted caramel (very good!), basil (it was surprisingly good), french vanilla, pistachio (I'm a fan), lemon (similar to a lemon bar - not a fan) and raspberry (least fav).

They were all very good! It was a little on the sweeter side and I would have to gulp down tons of water but I enjoyed them very much. The shells were very light and crisp and would crumble at each bite while the innards were chewy. The filling were all very nice and held each shells together without a problem. I was a big fan of the salted caramel, french vanilla and pistachio. I would love to try to make my own macarons one day! I heard they were a little tricky but I shall succeed!

I would def recommend this place, especially if you're looking for a french treat. They now how to make some mean macarons and their flavors are to die for. One is already good enough for me but keeping yourself from taking a bite from each flavor is a challenge!

Le Macaron

203 1st St N
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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Rollbotto Sushi - First Impression

I am back! I apologize for being away for such a long time, but I guess it was a nice little break for myself. I don't have much to update on but I still have a couple post I should have put up a month ago and tons of instagram updates to post. I had a surprised visit from my father whom I haven't seen in 7-8 years so there was not much time to be on the computer and now I'm stuck with finals and starting on some graduation paper works. I'm loaded with so much to do but I shall try my best to keep this blog full of yummy treats!

I was able to visit this new sushi place I've been wanting to try even before the store opened! Rollbotto Sushi in St. Petersburg! When I first saw their name I was already pulled in but sadly when I saw it the building was still in the building mode. A few months after their opening I was able to check them out and I think this place is just amazing.

This isn't any typical sushi restaurant you would expect to go to. The interior is very modern with a Chipotle style twist. You wouldn't want to come here if you're looking to be romantic, but this place is great for fast sushi and a great environment for some chit chat. 
They have super friendly service and also seating inside and outside. 

Besides the super fast service you have a choice of selecting sushi off their menu or creating your own. It may look a little intimidating, but I promise you it'll taste amazing. You can customize your sushi the way you like it and even have a chance to look at all the ingredients before it is rolled up and served to you. They also have these cool electronic (robots) that press rice onto the nori and a machine that cuts your sushi into equal parts. Hint their name Rollbotto!

I was a little hesitant that the sushi might not taste good since it was more of a "fast food" style but I was shockingly surprised. It was fresh and flavorful. They sure don't try to skimp on the fish either and it was all reasonable priced. I ended up with the spicy tuna and my friend made her own with what I believe was white rice, salmon, green onion, tempura bits and a spicy mayo sauce. 

Overall I think this place is very interesting and would def come back if I was in the area again. This place is very similar to Chipotle or Moe's but with a Japanese twist. They have their own menu or you can also customize your own meal. They have a good range of ingredients to choose from and also serve sake. I wasn't a big fan of the spicy tuna only because the "sauce" was pretty much sriracha sauce on top and it wasn't very flavorful. If there was a different sauce I would have liked it a lot, but I won't let that reason make them lose any points in my heart. I think it'll take a few tries until I find what I really like there.

Check Rollbotto out! They serve fast and cheap sushi in downtown St. Petersburg. This modern restaurant is a great place to just chill at and everyone here is very friendly. The food is fresh and you can customize your sushi the way you want it. 

Here's a little clip of when I was at the window full of food. Please don't mind all the chit chatting :D

Rollbotto Sushi

221 1st St NE
St Petersburg, FL 33701

(727) 487-2681

Rollbotto's Website

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