Persia House of Kababs - Tampa

1/31/2013 11:25:00 PM

Here's another thanks to Groupon for always introducing new restaurants to me. I have always drove past Persia House of kababs (Kebabs) whenever I'm in the plaza but never thought of stepping a foot in there. Shamefully there's no reason why I shouldn't have visited this place earlier but I did it, I enjoyed an Persian dinner tonight with one of my good friend. 

This restaurant looks like it combined two places into one, there's plenty of tables and booths to fit a bunch of groups and there's also a tiny section of the store dedicated to shelved and refrigerated goods. The restaurant appears clean and also brings in an comfortable eating environment.

I had a really nice young gentlemen waiter that helped assisted me in choosing the right dinner for my friend and I. We started out with the Combination platter as an appetizer which consisted of hummus, an unknown spread, stuffed grape leaves and Persian flatbread. 

For the entree we decided to go for the Shish Kebab (medium). I found the amount is good for a single person or to share with another as well as an appetizer. I enjoyed the beef very much as it was pretty juicy and had plenty of flavor. I loved the rice that soaked bits of juice from the kebab. 
After dinner we were provided Persian tea which was pretty good. It was a unique Persian black tea, I believe. He also provided it in a nice clear cup as well as a container full of sugar cubes. 

I am very pleased about the experience I had here and Persia House of Kababs. Even though this restaurant isn't super fancy I think the food is good and the service is reasonable. There's also a buffet that is provided and belly dancing, so the entertainment and food is endless.

Persia House of Kababs

1441 E Fletcher Ave
Ste 123
Tampa, FL 33612

(813) 977-6018

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