Munchies 4:20 Cafe - Sarasota

2/01/2013 02:31:00 AM

Isn't it an honor to eat at a restaurant that was featured on the Food Channel? Well this might not be my first but is my first one I've been too that was featured on Man Vs. Food, or so I believe.

While on a trip in Sarasota we hit up Munchies 4:20 as our last place to eat. We didn't do the scary wing challenge but we did indulge in some munchies here at Munchies 4:20. I honestly wouldn't be interested in coming here only because I'm not a big fan of American food (burgers, cheese, grease and more sloppy goodness) but it doesn't hurt to spoil yourself once in awhile.

This ain't the classiest of places but it gets the job done. There's only a few tables here in the small restaurant and all the food is served as take out so if you're dinning in make sure to clean up after yourself. The service is pretty slow but we still got our food in a timely manner.

The menu is pretty basic and I would have to say it's pretty cheap and you get an super sized amount of food. We had to take home more than half of the meals we ordered.

My friend got the Alamo Burger which was pretty good. All the food was pretty hefty so eating the whole thing might be an clogged artery waiting. I really enjoyed this burger because of the unique blend of chili and sour cream.

I got the Garbage Philly Steak which was pretty much everything loaded in one loaf of bread. It wasn't bad nor was it something I loved. It was massive though! I also ordered some Mac & Cheese bites because it sounded interesting. I must say these were pretty unique and trust me when I say you have to dip the bites into the cheese dip. I'm not sure why it needed more cheese but it tasted way better with extra cheese sauce!

Close up on the Mac & Cheese bites. It amazes me how almost everything can be fried up and taste even better than the original.

The restaurant's name really describes this whole restaurant. You must really have the munchies to enjoy food at Munchies 4:20. I don't think this place appeals to me but I did have a fun time trying the food here. The amount of food is pretty awesome if you're looking for cheap food and massive food. It's also pretty chill and a great in and out place.

I'm not lying about how massive the food is! I'm holding just half of a burger and it's probably larger than my hand! Yikes.

Munchies 4:20 Cafe - Sarasota

6639 Superior Ave
Sarasota, FL 34231

(941) 929-9893
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