Trang Viet Cuisine - Tampa

3/07/2013 05:39:00 PM

I just recently found these pictures on my phone and forgot about making a post about it. I visited Trang Viet for a early dinner with a friend and we tried a few items off their menu. It's actually a pretty large restaurant, but it's pretty empty for the most part.

I'm not sure why I didn't take any more photos but I only have three from that day. We tried their papaya salad, stuffed chicken wings, steamed buns, "Emperor's coat" combination rice, and grilled pork chops on rice. 

The papaya salad is just like any other papaya salad, there was nothing that shoots out at me and was actually my least favorite. The stuffed chicken wing was something really interesting and may be a must try if you ever visit. They actually debone the chicken wing and stuff it with a mixture of shrimp and pork and then fried. It's actually pretty tasty and unique. I've only had something similar to this once and that was when my mom deboned a turkey and stuffed it with a mixture of meats. The mixture of shrimp and pork keeps itself moist and the skin of the chicken wings is crispy. It went well with the fish sauce provided but could easily be eaten without.

I didn't take a bite of the steam buns but it looked like frozen bun put in the steamers. Nothing special.

The Emperor's coat combination rice was pretty unique. It was a sight-full, a thin egg is overlaid ontop of a combination fried rice. It reminded me very much of omurice which is an mixture of rice wrapped in an omelet. A very hearty meal!


Next on the list was just a regular pork chop and rice. It's usually broken rice but I guess at Trang it was just their normal rice. There was egg and vegetables provided. I thought it was pretty good and there was more than enough to share.

I really enjoy the food here at Trang Viet Cuisine. It's near USF which is a good thing and they have a huge menu. Another plus is that they have a huge menu just for vegetarians. There are all sorts of dishes from vegetarian soup dishes to big heafty entrees.

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