Hot n' Juicy Crawfish - Orlando

6/17/2013 02:52:00 PM

Crawfish. Crawfish. Crawfish. 

I can probably down 3-4 lbs of crawfish by myself depending on how hungry I am so it's to no surprise how much I love this place! Hot n' Juicy is correct if you're looking for a finger licking time. Not just finger licking but you might even have to slurp the juice that drips down your own arm. That's just how good and addicting this place can be! 

There's even a time I had a total of 5 lbs of crawfish in less than 24 hours in two sitting. If that's not dangerous I don't know what is. 

I can't give you any insight on anything else here but I'm sure they are just as good. Everything juicy comes in a bag with potatoes and corn so just be prepared to get dirty and juiced up. Remember to put on a bib and not to wear white! 

This place is huge and when I say it I mean it! The front part is where all the action is but the back part of the restaurant is just extra booths for more sloppy eating. So don't worry about how many is in your party just worry about all the juicy and shells flying around. 

Crawfish and seafood lovers. This is the place to go for some dirty eatin'.

My preferred season is the hot n' juicy medium but if you're willing for the extra extra kick go all the way! 

Hot n' Juicy Crawfish

7572 West Sand Lake Road 
OrlandoFL 32819

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  1. Is it strange I've never had crawfish before!? I've had all types of other seafood yet not crawfish... :)