Sapporo Ramen - Orlando

6/17/2013 02:26:00 PM

Ever single anime I've watched there has not been a lack of cutely decorated food or massive eating. One dish that has never been missing in action would be the non stop slurping of ramen noodles. While we Floridian kids aren't privilege to have a ramen shop at every corner stop, we are finally able to debut a new ramen shop right in the middle of Chinatown in Orlando, Florida. 

Let us give Sapporo Ramen a good welcoming hand to the small Asian community tucked away in Orlando. I am glad we are expanding (slowly) but still expanding in our Asian needs. I was proudly able to visit Sapporo for a late lunch on Sunday and I must say I am fairly impressed with the shop. While sitting right next to a Taiwanese bakery they are able to hold up strong feeding Japanese and also non Japanese their very delicious and proud ramen and Japanese food. 

The interior of this small shop is clean and crisp with simple tables and booths and Japanese accented walls. The ordering process is also very simple. You walk over to a counter that has a giant sign that says order/pay overtop. There are folder menus you can flip through or an tv screen that flashes the menu. Either way you're able to view the simple yet complex menu. The main stars of this place sre the four different ramen favors from shoyu (soy sauce base), shio (most simple, buttery), miso and tonkostu (milky pork base). There are also other noodle dishes from udon and soba and also curry dishes. Not to mention the variety of different fried appetizer goodies. 

We got to try the takoyaki (fried octopus dough), miso, tonkostu ramen and chicken katsu curry. The food all came out in a very nicely timely matter and all served piping hot. I also had a peep into the kitchen and they all look like they knew what they were cooking. 

The takoyaki came out first and boy they were good. The outside we're crisp and there were big chunks of octopus. Yum! They were also laced with the correct condiments and bonito shavings! Woot!

Miso ramen 

Tonkostu ramen 

The ramen came out next and they looked just exactly how it does in the anime and in Japan. How exciting! I had the tonkostu ramen which had a very deep and rich flavor. The broth was milky and heavy in flavor but not overly heavy in oil and fat. The ramen was topped with a variation of goodies plus juicy pork. You can also add extra topping for a charge. The miso ramen was also pretty good but I was just too stuffed to grab more than a bite from the bowl. I must also add that the bowls of ramen are of decent size and everything here is reasonably priced. 

Chicken katsu curry

My man friend had the chicken katsu curry which I didn't try but from how clean he licked his plate I'm assuming it was pretty bomb. He also mentioned how much he enjoyed it!

So all in all I think Sapporo Ramen is a killer place with a good looking outcome. It is the first ramen shop that I know in Florida that specializes in ramen so its a new and exciting place that many from all over Florida should check out. 

Sapporo Ramen 

5080 West Colonial Drive 
OrlandoFL 32808

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