Rice Market & Restaurant - Tampa

9/03/2013 05:27:00 PM

A lot has changed since I last visited Rice Restaurant & Lounge. With a little remodeling and revamping this giant restaurant is now half market and half restaurant. With that little surprise in mind I actually really want to share the amazing deal here at Rice. If you're a Korean BBQ fan than I highly suggest hitting this place up.

It's the only place in Florida that I know of that offers ALL YOU CAN EAT Korean bbq. ALL YOU CAN EAT. Must I repeat myself another time? I've had all you can eat Korean bbq on the west coast and it's amazing and cheap but living in Florida it gets a little difficult to find the same kind of deals.

Anyways! For around $25 you have a list of different meats you can choose from. That's not including the unlimited banchans (side dishes) and misc side dishes that are added on like the soy bean soup, steam egg and also jap chae (clear noodles). I have to say the massive amount of side dishes which are freshly made is one of the most amazing thing you can get. Feast on!

Rice Market & Restaurant

7525 West Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33615


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