Sushi House - Orlando

9/03/2013 06:56:00 PM

Sushi Combo for 2

I've actually visited Sushi House twice, all thanks to Groupon! It is a very cozy little restaurant with a beautiful and flowery interior. There is a sushi bar, regular bar and also tables that are available for seating. Free seating for all!

The food and sushi here was all pretty good and it's a place I would visit often. I tried their shrimp tempura which was crisp and crunchy while the shrimp is still plump.


I am highly impressed with their cuts of sashimi. Each piece of fish is meaty and fresh. Their rolls are pretty good as well and they have a large and unique selection of dishes and combinations to choose from.

There was something that bugged me while I was looking over the menu. It's very large and when I say large I mean tons of tiny text. I had trouble decided which rolls to get since there was too many text and not many photos to back them up. My last visit was also very unique since we were always serviced by three different people and each one came by to visit too often.

Other than that I enjoyed my visits here at Sushi House. There's plenty of Groupon deals that pops up and they also have sushi making classes available to the public. I hear a great dating activity ringing.

Sushi House
8204 Crystal Clear Ln, #1300
Orlando, FL 32809


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