Asian Pearl - Clearwater

11/20/2014 12:41:00 AM

Hello there Pearly.

I'm not particularly a fan of Chinese food because it's just so greasy and doesn't do well with my stomach. But for some reason when I saw this new Chinese Restaurant's menu I had to check it out. They have some really authentic food from congee (rice porridge), roasted pork/duck, frog and seafood dishes. I was excited to see if they were as good as the menu sounded. (Reminds me of Yummy House in Tampa)

I am not disappointed at all!

This is definitely not your typical Chinese "take out" place. It's an Chinese Restaurant ready to cater to your needs. It's clean and does not look run down at all (it's new, duh!). They even have an bar! 

We decided to do Take Out this time, but I would love to go back and dine in! Especially when they close at 12am. YES. Late Chinese food, good Chinese food!

Anyways the service was really good. As good as the food! We ended up ordering the beef in XO sauce, combo fried rice and fried pumpkin. They were all delicious and I was really impressed with the portion size as well as the fried pumpkin.

This doesn't look like much, but it's amazing. The pumpkin pieces are fresh and lightly battered. It's then salted and seasoned. Who would have thought something so simple would taste so complex, sweet and salty. Yum.

The fried rice was also good as well. A really large portion with good chunks of roasted pork and shrimp. They do not skimp on any of the fresh ingredients, which is lovely. The fried rice had a really good flavor. It's not hard to screw up on fried rice, but some places somehow do. Asian Pearl knows how to do it right. The rice isn't overly seasoned with soy sauce, and they know how to bring out all the flavors. Nice combo ;) get it? Combo fried rice. HAH~

If you're in the area you should check this place out. Authentic Chinese food and they are open late. Good food! Coming back for more soon.

----- Edited

We came back for more take out, for some reason we really enjoy doing take out because we can eat at home and watch our shows. Comfortable! Anyways we started with the pan fried dumplings which were not really impressive. They were just normal frozen dumplings that were pan fried, the dipping sauce is very good though. I'd want to use it for everything, it's sweet, salty and tangy.

This time I decided to go for the Spicy Beef Udon Noodle Soup and boy was it spicy. It wasn't my favorite item on the menu but it wasn't bad. It's a very big serving and really does have a great kick. They do give you the spicy sauce on the side so you're able to adjust the spiciness to your level. I went all out and added the whole side and ... it was spicy!

Yum! If you have not tried this crispy fried noodles, please do. This is the House Special Pan Fried Noodles. They take egg noodles and pan fry it (I prefer the whole thing deef fried for more crunchiness) but they do get the flavor right. This pan fried noodles are crispy on the outside and still chewy in the center, the sauce and topping on top was a variety of bok choy and different types of protein. I highly suggest this unique dish, it satisfies the crunchy and saucy taste buds. The flavor is spot on like always.

Asian Pearl 

2551 Drew St
Suite 104

ClearwaterFL 33765

(727) 797-1888

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