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11/14/2014 03:13:00 AM

Once you try this steak house you'll always count down the days to when you can go back. It's that good! I've always heard about the hype about Bern's and have also seen it on TV, but it never came into real interest until I realized how good red meat was. I was always a fan, but I started to go for quality instead of quantity.

Bern's Steakhouse serves up one of the best aged steaks in the area. Possible the best in the US. They also have one of the most amazing cellar for wine you'll ever see. Bottles in the top thousands.. millions... Like WHAM the big deal.

Anyways.. My lover took me out to Bern's for my birthday and was I excited. This isn't a cheap meal but I thought it was all worth the money. It's almost reasonable for the experience you receive here at Bern's. Everything is amazing and I had one of the best waiters. I laughed and enjoyed my night :).

We started with the Truffle Steak Tartare and it's freaking orgasmic. I've never had raw steak tartare before and this is definitely the place to have it. It doesn't have the texture or taste of raw meat (my fear) and all the flavors of the truffle and quail egg went well with each other. Nom!

Ordering my steak was a bit confusing but my waiter certainly helped me with it. There are many different cuts and also sizes (ounces) to choose from. I really liked the porterhouse a lot. The prices for a steak can range from as low as $40 to as much as $100.

Here's my beautiful Delmonico steak. I believe it was... 12 oz? Around there. There was way more food than I could handle, but it certainly made delicious left overs for later. Each steak comes with soup and salad, baked potato and sides of vegetables. So don't worry, whatever size steak you get you're going to get full.

After our lovely dinner we are all provided a choice to take a little tour of the kitchen and wine cellar. Of course we took up the chance to see the bustling kitchen which seemed very organized and systematic. The wine cellar was huge and it was only part of it. A little creepy and dark but a great photo op!

Next up is the Dessert room! It's located right upstairs and has a pretty cool concept. It's very cozy as each party has their own little booth right inside a wooden barrel. You're able to change your own music and just have a blast.

Since it was my birthday I got a little surprise treat, but I also shared a dessert dish with my man. I seriously can't remember what it was called, but it involved a sampler and a creme brûlée that I loved! Yum.

I had an unbelievable experience here and just loved everything about that night. Bern's seriously knows what to do and they are serious business. If you haven't visited already you have to put this on your bucket list.

Bern's Steak House

1208 S Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 251-2421

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