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11/14/2014 04:13:00 AM

Wee~ Food and Drinks? A food and drink lab? Oh heck yes. Edison is known for their unique techniques and flavor combinations. I was super excited to be able to visit this place. Special occasion? My anniversary. The lover took me to Edison for our anniversary dinner.

The menu is ever changing, they use the freshest and most unique flavor pairing to pleasure you. And they do pleasure you in the most satisfying ways. We both started out with some drinks. I don't remember the names but they were delicious.

Bring out the food!

I really wish I could remember the names or even what I had, but I do know these oysters were so delicious I kept wanting more. They were full of flavor from the toppings, but it didn't ruin the fresh flavors of the oysters.

Here we are again with the steak tartare. It wasn't as great as Bern's but they did a pretty good job while infusing it with Korean flavors. The tartare was served with a side of kimchi, bean sprouts, beans, radish and a quail egg. Oh so Asian.

This appetizer is a little more on the complex side. Fried foie gras with a mess load of other stuff. It was my first time having foie gras and I will for sure go for it again. 

For our entree, the lover went for seared scallops and sea foam. The foam was a pretty cool concept and helped flavor the scallops. Pure ocean. I went for the filet as I was in the mood for some meat! I loved the pistachio sauce as well as the figs. Weird combo but they all went really well with each other. 

After our giant meal we decided to try out our first vacuum coffee experience! It was so unique and intense and I, myself am not a huge coffee person but whatever this vacuum does. It makes coffee taste good and smooth. 

Lastly, we finished our night with some toffee pudding. It was super sweet! It went really well with the coffee but I didn't care much for it. The meal itself was amazing but sadly the dessert, not so much. It's okay I won't weigh down my love for Edison by one dessert. I had an amazing time and experienced a lot of new things and flavors.

Yum! So much fun!

This is certainly a lab full of flavors. There are combinations you never knew would go together and techniques that you didn't know existed. Don't be scared and give it a try. I had an amazing time and so should you ;)

912 W Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 254-7111

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