Fortune Star Bakery - Tampa

11/18/2014 12:32:00 AM

I absolutely love this place. LOVE!

If you have never tried any Chinese pastries... I am just speechless. This is something you must try once in your lifetime. It's really unique and there are both sweet and savory selections. I am more on the savory side, but all the breads tend to be on the sweeter side.

There are so many different types of fillings from bean paste, egg tarts, roasted bbq pork, sausages and the list goes on. One of my most favorite baked goods would have to be hands down the egg tart. The egg tart here at Fortune Star is one of the best and they do sell out fast. Another favorite would have to be the hairy pork bun and the roasted bbq pork bun. Yum!!

Fortune Star Bakery is possible the only Chinese Bakery I know in town. Well, there is actually a very small one in St. Petersburg, but it's not as known. Fortune Star Bakery also packages their goods and are sold individually at local Asian grocery stores.

I have noticed that the bakery has expanded and do have a bubble tea menu up. This would be a lovely cafe to settle in. All the excitement! I highly recommend a visit and trying out a few different buns. They are pretty cheap as some are from $1-2 each. A pretty good deal to me. A very delicious deal.

Fortune Star Bakery

8502 N Armenia Ave
Ste 2A

TampaFL 33604

(813) 391-2372

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