Instagram Update #4

Are you ready for this? This might be one of the biggest Instagram update just because I haven't made one in so long! BE PREPARED for an food orgasm. I'll spare you and only post the best looking photos.

Yes. Be. Prepared.

 Salad - Chipotle
Conveyor Sushi - Wasabi (Orlando)

 Breakfast taco (homemade)
Chinese baked goods - Fortune Star Bakery (Tampa)

 AYCE sushi - Koizi (Tampa)
Balloons - Disney World (Orlando)

 Chocolate strawberries (homemade)
Fruits Parfait (homemade)

 Sesame Chicken and Brown rice - Somewhere in St. Petersburg...
Hot Pot - Ho Ho's (Tampa)

 Darth Vadar Cupcake - Disney World (Orlando)
Penang Curry - Tasty Thai (Clearwater)

 Drinks Drinks Drinks!
No Rice Salmon roll - Fresh Market (Clearwater)

 Tempura and Sushi - Sushi House (Orlando)
Cheesecakes - Fresh Market (Orlando)

 Sushi - Ocean Blue (Clearwater)
The Big Pink Donut - Universal Studios (Orlando)

 Spring rolls and Banh mi - Yum-Mi (Orlando)
Crawfish - Hot n' Juicy (Orlando)

 Sushi - Mikado (Orlando)

 Cupcakes - Some bakery in Orlando..
Sushi Boat - Sushi Katana (Orlando)

 BBQ - Babbalou's (Orlando)
Blk Water

 Macarons - Chewy Boba Tea (Orlando)
Sushi Sandwich - Mikado (Orlando)

 Sushi Boat - Somewhere in Orlando..
Cajun crab - LA Boiling Seafood (Orlando)

 Donut Burger - FL State Fair (Tampa)
Oysters - Fly Bar (Clearwater)

 BBQ - Smokey Bones (Clearwater)
Green Tea Latte - Starbucks (Clearwater)

 Steak - Bern's (Tampa)
Onigiri - Sapporo Ramen (Orlando)

 Dinner - Eddison (Tampa)
Macarons - Le Macaron (Clearwater)

Sushi Cake (homemade)
Korean BBQ - Rice Restaurant (Tampa)

See, that's not too bad. I actually have a lot more but I decided to be nice and make my random pic off my instagram. If you're dying to see EVERYTHING look me up 'denaloves' and be overwhelmed with food. Food everywhere!