Kasa Restaurant & Bar - Orlando

11/17/2014 11:11:00 PM

Oh no.. They oyster sign right outside of this restaurant pulled me in! They had an happy hour involving oysters and I couldn't help myself.

I had a group of friends and we were just bar hopping around in Downtown Orlando and once we passed by Kasa we just couldn't help but step in. It's a very open restaurant (glass window) so the interior was very clean and simple. I already love it.

We had amazing service, especially for a party of 6. We all started out on the fresh raw oysters and I will have to say they are one of the freshest and plumpest oysters I've ever had in Orlando. Well, Florida overall! We did order a few more appetizers to munch on while we enjoy our drinks. The deviled eggs were nothing too crazy for me, but the conch ceviche was mind blowing.

The ceviche was refreshing and flavorful. The texture was just perfect. I love conch and am so happy that I tried this dish out. Even my friends who does not like conch thought this ceviche was much better than the ceviche she got (unsure which one she got). It's a must try~

Back to the oysters... they were just so freaking good and since it was happy hour on oysters we could not stop ordering. We were forced to hold ourselves off because we did have plans at a different restaurant afterwards. We just love them oysters!

Oh and to mention... This restaurant has the most amazing bathroom every. I felt as if I walked into an deluxe hotel bathroom, it was just so cozy. Weird... but the bathroom is freaking crazy.

I will def want to visit again when I am back in Orlando. The food is very fresh and flavorful. Amazing service and a great atmosphere. All pluses!

Kasa Restaurant & Bar

183 S Orange Ave
Ste 183
OrlandoFL 32801

(407) 985-5272

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