Kung Fu Tea - Tampa

11/17/2014 09:37:00 PM

I'd like my tea shaken please! This new boba tea place called Kung Fu Tea has been the talk of the town. A very modern, sleek, and yummy tea house opened up near USF Tampa. Great location and of course delicious tea.

They have actually brought the tea shaking machine to Tampa. I've only seen this machine in Asia and outside of Florida so it's actually pretty exciting.

Yes, this weird looking machine shakes your tea to perfection. I have no clue what the shaking does but it certainly makes your tea delicious. It's airy and frothy. I highly recommend trying out their Golden Oolong Milk Tea boba. I have never enjoyed oolong tea, but picked it up this year. Yum! It has this toasted tea flavor that has been making my taste buds happy.

This tea house provides you an area to sit and chat and also study. It's always busy when I'm there so you should know it's good stuff. They do offer some limited snacking materials which I haven't tried yet so I do not know if the food is good or not.

I could see myself get addicted to this place. I guess it's a good thing it's far from my house? Bad thing that it is far because I really like the boba tea here. They bring in the authentic tea flavors instead of all the high carbs blended drinks, but they do bring in the unique usage of beans, jelly and other types of ingredients. They do make sure the tea flavors are not lost.

Visit it!! Kung Fu your way there.

Kung Fu Tea

1202 E Fowler Ave
TampaFL 33612

(813) 971-0066

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