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11/19/2014 07:02:00 PM


This has to be one of the most delicate and simple pastry ever. These whoopie pie looking treats are nothing like you would imagine. These french treats are made of almond powder and are then filled with jams or creams.

They look simple enough, but can be one of the toughest pastry to make. You have to be very precise to create these amazing macarons. The shells are light and airy, they also give a great soft crunch while the center is semi chewy. The filling makes most of the flavoring as the shells are made up of almond powder.

Whenever I see macarons I can never resist. Especially when it's from Le Macaron. I've had bad ones from other places, but Le Macarons make them perfectly. They have a few more locations from St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa. Every time I see this store my heart screams in excitement. The little store is decorated and laced in pink and they provide an amazing selection of macarons, chocolates, gelati, and coffee. Oh the feels.

My personal favorites are the basil and white chocolate, pistachio, Madagascar black vanilla, and Belgian chocolate. 

I highly suggest giving these oh so fancy and delicate treats a try. They are on the pricer range but I can never fuss about the price when I feel so happy eating it. This is one food that brings a smile to my face by just thinking about it. Delicious!

Le Macaron 

27001 US Highway 19 North
Ste 2002

ClearwaterFL 33761

(727) 286-6288

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