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11/18/2014 12:10:00 AM

Sadly this will be one of my disappointed review post. I've had tried eating here for awhile and yet every single time I am so unsatisfied. There are many reason to why I am disappointed.

Here's the break down!

The food is just not good. To me, pho's major component would have to be the broth. One important thing is just to have a very deep, rich flavorful broth. Sadly, the broth here at Pho Queen is just greasy and seasoned with pepper and sugar. All I can taste is really just the seasoning opposed to the stock itself. The broth for the Bun Bo Hue is also full of sugar and grease. It's just so sad.

Other than the broth, the few times I have gotten food here the noodles were just undercooked. It was more than just a "bite", it was noticeably hard. Blah. Why!

The one big factor that has really discourage me from even eating here would have to be the staff. It's been so bad that I tried ordering only to-go's now. The staffs would always look very bored and whenever I have dined in they would not fill my water (first refill) and were not friendly at all. I have worked as a server for years and this was just unacceptable. If your restaurant has only two tables and theres about 2-3 servers I do not understand as to why you could not check up on your table. If the restaurant was busy I would understand, but this was not the fact. This has happened many times.

I have tried to put up with the staffs, but even when I do pick up my to-go orders the staff would just sit there on their phones. No one would get up to even greet me as I walk through their doors. It's somewhat frustrating to see that kind of staff at an restaurant.

I am just greatly disappointed because we finally have an Vietnamese restaurant in Clearwater but sadly the experiences here sucks. I've tried for a year with them on and off and it has just gotten worse and worse. I will take my meals elsewhere.

It's okay!... not really
I have to also note that every time I try to order to-go, their phone is very hard to hear. It keeps going in and out and the last time I made an order the lady on the phone was extremely unfriendly and short.

Pho Queen
  • 29000 US Highway 19 N
  • Clearwater, FL 33761


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