Saigon Deli - Tampa

11/13/2014 10:36:00 PM

I have a bit (half) of Vietnamese in me and of course Pho is one dish that hits home for me. I absolutely love my mom's pho and no one else can make pho that good. Well there's always second place and Saigon Deli is very close to making it like home. 

Don't expect amazing service here, but be prepared for authentic Vietnamese food. This place is always busy so whenever you see an open table hustle your way to it. It is a bit scary at first because everything is so fast pace but once you get your order down, your food is already in front of you. I'm dead serious and how fast they serve you! They love feeding us, so they will rush you in and out just to serve ALL of us!

Don't be scared. The food is worth it. 

The broth is flavorful yet not heavy or greasy. I could seriously go for two serving by myself here but being a good girl I'll just finish my one bowl of pho. The most important thing to me in pho is mainly the broth. Of course, the noodles have to be perfectly cooked, but man the broth! You should never have a layer of fat swimming around or flavorless soup that taste of just pepper. I love the deep color the Saigon Deli's broth and the spiced aroma that just clouds your senses. 

I want a bowl of pho right now!

3858 W Waters Ave
Tampa, FL 33614

(813) 887-3888

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