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11/13/2014 07:44:00 PM

I'm BACK! I'm back!! I'm so sorry. My poor little blog. Lets start this back up with an endless supply of sushi. Sushi has to be one of my favorite thing to eat. You can have it so many ways, cooked or raw, inside or out, and even fried. Yes, FRIED!

Let us bring you to the world of Saki. It's a moderately new place in Clearwater that serves up all you can eat sushi and yes, there are tons of kitchen food included in this deal. I'm not going to lie, at first I wasn't crazy for Saki because the quality of the fish wasn't that good, but who goes for quality when you can get quantity? At an all you an eat place, duh!

The interior is modern and clean with a crisp feel of Asian (insert laughter here). They don't have a full bar, but do have a nice selection of drinks and sake. They do have two different menu for the ayce, one for lunch and for dinner. Of course for dinner it's a bit more intensive and you are able to order sashimi (8 pieces per person) I'm a little upset about this because I'm a big sashimi person! Oh well.

Lets cut the chit chat and get started with our Saki Endless Sushi adventure.

I'm so ready to destroy! Destroying my diet of course. 

First I started out with some appetizers. Pan fried gyoza (my favorite) and some seaweed salad as we all browse the menu.

This part can be a little intimidating at first. My little trick is to take out my handy phone and type in all the items I want to order. Yes. A very long list for the table, but it totally works out! We are all beasts so don't judge!

YAY the food is out!! OMGAH so many rolls. So naming them from the bottom up we have the chicken tempura roll, volcano, the white dragon and saki roll. All were pretty good, but the Saki Roll is a must have. Don't forget my sashimi!

This is actually my plate (muhaha) the sashimi and nigiri plates. I've had the fish during lunch and will have to say the cuts of fish is way better for dinner. Unfortunately, there isn't that much of a selection for sashimi off the ayce menu. I know there is an a la carta menu that includes eel and many more. Hmmm. Either way eat your heart out!

Sushi break. We decided to grab some beef ribs as a little change. I usually order some beef and shrimp hibachi, but that day I wanted to work for my food. This isn't the most tender of meats and the flavor was alright, it's a weak copy of Korean galbi. So I'm a little meh on the beef ribs. 

ANYWAYS back to our sushi!

I love the little designs the sushi chefs made for us. There were little hair details on the crab which made me giggle. The last rolls I actually have no clue what they were since I didn't order them but all I know was that the topping was warm and creamy. Haha, and I didn't dare touch their beautiful artwork. 


We're finished! Well, I was. They also offer desserts from ice cream to tempura banana. Of course someone took that offer (cough cough) the SO. He got the fried banana which came with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Meh I'm not a banana fan, but he certainly enjoyed it ;). 

This is the end of our Saki adventure. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you're looking to hit this place up. Do it! You will certainly eat your moneys worth here and it's also a great experience wether you like sushi or not (kitchen food). 

Saki Endless Sushi & Hibachi Eatery

2643 Gulf To Bay Blvd
Ste 1560
Clearwater, FL 33759

(727) 726-3937

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