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11/22/2014 03:13:00 PM

We decided to stop by Sushi Ko for a quick meal after watching a movie. We were only able to get two items to munch on while my gf and I had some chit chat. I would def come back as they have really nice specials going on and their sushi is fresh.

The interior is pretty dark and intimate. We decided to sit at the bright blue lit up tables which can be a bit distracting. They do have normal tables if you aren't a fan of this. The menu is very intensive and they do have a lot of different rolls. It can be a little intimidating at first but just take your time and  I promise you'll be okay!

We got the mixed fish Kobachi (highly recommended), it's mixed with 7 spices so it's a very unique spicy raw fish salad. I enjoyed it it with a bowl of sushi rice. We ordered it very spicy and it gave it a really nice kick. The flavors are really nice and the avocado helps cut down the spices.

We also got the Torchmaki roll. I'm not too sure what is consisted in this roll but it has a layer of white fish as well as mayo which is then torched. The flavor isn't heavy on mayo, surprisingly. It was light and had a slight lemon-y taste, it's a refreshing roll that isn't brought down with the heaviness of the mayo or rice.

Overall I really enjoyed the food here. I wasn't able to order any kitchen food, but the sushi was certainly delicious. It was fresh and flavorful which is a plus, of course! I would love to come back to try their bento box deals. I also noticed that they have a pretty large sake list, so enjoy yourself!

Sushi Ko 

19050 Bruce B Downs Blvd
TampaFL 33647

(813) 978-8586

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