Sushi Wave - Pinellas Park

11/13/2014 08:50:00 PM

Sushi Wave brings technology to your fingertips. This restaurant infused everyday technology to your table by letting you order from iPads whenever you want. I love this idea and of course, took advantage of it. This is a very small restaurant but it brings modern and flashy class to it's door.

First we started with the tartare tower that consisted of rice, escolar, avocado, tuna, tempura chips, roe and massive amounts of sauce. This sauce certainly tied everything together and I couldn't help but use the rice to clean that plate off.

We then went ahead and order the Sushi Wave Roll. Hmm.. It' was alright and by now I realized that this restaurant uses their sauces very well. Everything consisted a sauce from a simplicity of mayo to a complex mixture of sauces. I wasn't impressed with their Sushi Wave roll which was pretty sad because this should have been the face roll (haha) of their restaurant. The roll itself was a simple crab roll and it was topped with a mixture of tuna and salmon in their own special sauce. Meh, the fish was actually pretty dull in color and the taste was overall fishy.

Okay off to the next thing!

So here is the sashimi dinner. It wasn't too impressive but do notice the nice sauce detail. I do like the presentation, but was not impressed with the selection of fishes. Nothing too amazing but oh well, this is the chefs selection. We have a base of seaweed salad, tuna, salmon, shrimp, snapper, crab, octopus, conch, escolar and yellowtail. The quality of the salmon and tuna was definitely fresher here than on the sushi wave roll. It was honestly a hit or miss, which can hurt a business.

Overall thoughts? Hmm, to me I wasn't really amazed by this restaurant but I do like the concept of infusing technology to putting in orders. I kept playing around on the iPad wanting to keep ordering more food. The sushi itself here was just meh. Sadly this restaurant doesn't serve up that great enough of sushi for me to drive 30-40 minutes when I can find better elsewhere. Sorry Sushi Wave! Good try though.

Sushi Wave

7093 66th St N
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

(727) 569-5293

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