Fresh Harvest - Hard Rock Casino, Tampa

12/31/2014 09:01:00 PM

I am going to apologize ahead of time. I am very, very sorry that this post is missing photos. I just couldn't handle myself and went crazy over all the food. We decided to visit Fresh Harvest while they had their Seafood Night which is on every Friday. The price jumps up about $10-$15 or so from the normal buffet price, but it's worth it.

I normally don't enjoy buffets because of the low quality. but the food here at Fresh Harvest that night was delicious. I love seafood and couldn't wait to dig in. I noticed that the snow crab legs was a big deal so of course I started out on a plate of yummy, perfectly cooked legs with an amazing butter sauce. I'm going to have to say this was the best crab legs and butter sauce I've ever had. Dang! I want some more now.

I was really surprised how good these legs were, they were not salty like most places or overly cooked. These legs were plump and pairing up with the heated butter sauce was just tear jerking good. Since it was a night full of seafood the buffet offered many seafood dishes. The first time I've visited this restaurant I was a bit overwhelmed but taking your time is the best solution.

There's sushi, dumplings, raw bar, hot bar, pasta, pizza, salads, hot stuff, cold stuff, deserts, you name it and they got it. The main star of that night was of course the crab legs. I happily stuffed myself with almost 3-4 plates of crab!

I seriously helped myself with all the raw oysters and crab legs I could fit inside me. I must say that this buffet is pretty darn good. Yes, I did eat other food too and it's just as good! It's a bit more in price but the selection and quality of the food is well worth the money. The service is amazing too, the waitress are always there for any of your needs and are very friendly. I really enjoyed my visits here at Fresh Harvest. 

I would love to go back for the crab legs! Can we go back soon? Lets go!

5223 North Orient Rd
TampaFL 33610
(813) 627-7603

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