Izziban Sushi - Orlando (BBQ edition)

12/01/2014 09:28:00 PM

Korean bbq? Japanese BBQ? Oriental BBQ!

Izziban is the only place in Orlando that offers you an all you can eat bbq table expereince. There's one in Tampa and that's pretty much the only ones I know of in Florida. I was pretty excited to try it out since I've heard good things about Izziban. They have one gorgeous menu full of pictures. Oh, I love pictures! The restaurant is very modern and has a very chic feel to it. You get your own personal booths and everything is lit up, something similar to a club.

For the all you can eat bbq option, everyone at the table must participate in this adventure. It's understandable because it prevents people from sharing and that's just how the business runs. The all you can eat menu provides you with about 6-7 or so options of different types of meat to grill up. Seafood is at an additional price. There's also a handful selections of sushi and appetizers to choose from. It's honestly a deal!

It's very similar to Korean BBQ as they do provide you a few side dishes (banchans), but they are really limited. Not that impressive, but they do not claim they are a Korean bbq. They do have all the meats you would find at a Korean bbq though, from galbi, bulgogi, spicy chicken, beef tongue and so on. Izziban Sushi's menu is a combination of an impressive Korean and Japanese dishes.

Meats for grilling.

We first started out with some sushi (pictured at the very top) the golden California and the Las Vegas roll (fried roll). The Las Vegas roll was pretty good, the batter was not thick just how I like it. It was crispy and all the ingredients go well with each other. We tried to order some more rolls, but the waitress for some reason brought another round of the same rolls... Don't ask me.

Grill them up! We started with the prime rib eye steak and the prime short ribs. I will have to be honest, it's great that it's an all you can eat menu but the quality of the meat is pretty awful. The short ribs were just super thin cuts of meat, almost paper thin. What is this?! The prime rib eye steak was very dry and probably my least favorite bbq item.

Izziban does provide you a few selection of sauces, besides the soy sauce already set on your table. There's a kimchi sauce that I didn't use at all, an really cool wasabi salt. soy bean paste and the real true all-in-one sauce, their house sauce. They suggest to add wasabi to the house sauce for "MAXIMUM FLAVOR". I swear, they state that all over the restaurant. The house sauce actually just reminds me of a dashi sauce (tempura, soba sauce). It's pretty good, especially with all the garnish inside the sauce.

The real winner of the night would have to be the beef tongue. I wasn't really expecting it to be my favorite, but it was. It cooks up fast and has a really nice chewy texture. If you are a pro and don't overcook it it can also be tender. Don't pass on the tongue if you're going to be bbqing at Izziban. It's pure goodness. I was also able to get an order of the marinated sirloin which is pretty much bulgogi. Eek, the texture is like old meat that has been tenderize and just soaking in the juices in an unhealthy way. I was not a fan. The galbi, or the marinated short ribs also had that texture of old frozen meat. The quality of the meat is just not that good here.

The only real problem I had here was just the service. I'm not too sure what's going on but my partner said the waitress had an attitude. I at least didn't notice because I was busy taking photos. I did notice though, how slow the service is. The tables do provide you a little button at the end of the table to ring for help, which clearly didn't work because we would ring several times and can clearly see them grouped up standing around. I rang again because they dropped off a plate of sushi to the wrong table, which wasn't what we ordered. I was being nice to ring to see if they wanted it back.

After almost an hour later of sitting at the table we were finally able to eat the meat we grilled up. I'd admit the service isn't all that.

Overall, if you are in Orlando and you want to try something new and starving after all the amusement park adventures check out Izziban Sushi! The all you can eat is worth it if you know you're hungry like a mother*. They also have a mixture of Korean and Japanese dishes that you can not get anywhere else, I'm serious. Authentic dishes you probably have never heard of. Oh and their intensive list of sake and soju. Try it.

Check out my video below of me stuffing my face!

Izziban Sushi

1700 Sand Lake Rd
Ste D124

OrlandoFL 32809
(407) 850-5088

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