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3/15/2015 09:37:00 PM

I love Groupon deals! Always tip on the full amount and not the discounted amount please~

I kept avoiding this Thai and Sushi restaurant because it was new and kept changing. It started out as an Thai restaurant and later on added the sushi. It's just a typical Thai restaurant that serves sushi. They exterior isn't much, but it's right on US 19, so you can imagine the traffic that passes by. The interior is nice and roomy. The tables are set up comfortably and isn't overly crowded.

Since we had a Groupon deal we got a little bit of everything. We ordered an appetizer of Tom Kha (Coconut soup), Penang chicken curry, Chicken pad thai, and two sushi rolls.

The most unimpressive dish of the night would have to be the tom kha chicken. It's actually one of my favorite type of soups and this place crushed it. It was flavorless. I ended up adding some salt, pepper and a squeeze of lime (from my water) for it to taste "right". It was a little disappointing and this certainly caused me to become nervous as we had a lot of food coming our way.

We started with our first roll, the Sakura roll which consisted of soft shell crab, eel, avocado, imitation crab, cucumber, asparagus and topped with tobiko. The cream cheese was not listed and suddenly showed up, I was a little taken back because I'm not crazy for cream cheese inside my sushi rolls but I'm glad that it was a very tiny amount, which didn't ruin the taste of the roll. I also though the rice proportion was perfect, each piece held up very nicely and were a pretty big bite. Okay, so things are starting to look up.

The second roll was recommended by our server called the Best Friend roll. It has three types of fish; salmon, tuna and yellowtail topped with avocado, wasabi mayo and roe. It reminded me of one of my favorite roll from my old work because it's full of fish. I really enjoyed this roll too, the flavor was on point.

Penang curry is one of my favorite. I love the flavor and I like it with chicken the best. Sadly, it's not as good here at Bangkok Tokyo. It's good enough to enjoy but I wouldn't say it's the best here. I feel the same with the pad thai. It was good and all but it's not the best I've had. It was more on the runny, wet side.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the sushi way more than the Thai food. I would come back to try the other rolls off their sushi menu (which isn't big). I think a turn off for me is that most of their rolls contains cream cheese which is meh to me. I also though the server was constantly visiting our table. Bored? We were the only table there during dinner hours on a Tuesday I believe, but no hate. He was a funny guy!

Bangkok Tokyo Thai and Sushi

  • 28530 US Hwy 19 N
    Clearwater, FL 33761
  • (727) 303-3833

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