China Taste - Clearwater

3/29/2015 05:48:00 PM

I followed my nose to this Chinese restaurant while I was in the plaza. I was certainly hungry during lunch time and was waiting for my bf to get out of work. I didn't really had a mindset of what I wanted to eat but my nose decided it for me. I walked in and took a look at their lunch menu (what a bargain!). I went for their sesame chicken lunch, bourbon chicken lunch, and hot & sour soup.

The lunch comes with an egg fried rice and egg roll. The sesame chicken itself isn't something remarkable. I've had better, but I do like that when you bite into it you notice actually chicken meat. The egg fried rice was to me dry and dull, it pretty much is a carb filler.

The egg rolls were really good. My food was certainly all piping hot so that made me really happy. Back to the egg roll! It's a mixture of vegetables and bits of meat. I think the meat flavor was the big winner, oh and the fact that it was really crispy yet a bit chewy. Overall, great texture and flavor.

I really enjoyed the hot & sour soup. The soup was just way too hot to eat so I had to sit and wait until it cooled down, world problems I know. After it was not scalding, but still tongue burning I spooned in. The flavor is very sour and certainly has a nice kick to it. The fresh green onions brighten up the delicious gravy soup. I would have to say it's a very unique soup because it's activates all the senses in your taste buds from sour, spicy, sweet, and salty. Good thing it's not bitter! The best part about this soup is the wonton crackers you eat it with. Yum!

The bourbon chicken is definitely not my thing. I was thinking of the bourbon chicken you get at the mall food court which is sweet and tender and overall addicting. My boyfriend didn't mind it though which is good because the flavor itself reminds me of peking duck. It has a certain Chinese spice, hoisin flavor that is off from the bourbon chicken I'm used to. 

I wasn't in love with the food but they certainly have amazing deals for lunch. I have had food from here before and sadly I didn't find it that impressive (because I don't remember it). I don't usually go for Chinese take out either, but there is one place that I really enjoy that's near my house. I have seen some pictures of a more "Chinese" menu which seems to peek my interest so maybe I'll take one more visit and see if I can get access to it.

China Taste 

2510 N McMullen Booth Rd Ste B
ClearwaterFL 33761
(727) 712-1988

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