Mike's Smokehouse BBQ & Grill - Tampa

3/29/2015 06:13:00 PM

Get your BBQ game on! The best places to get BBQ is either at a Smokehouse or done at home the right way. I was really wanting some BBQ so we hit up Mike's and I do not regret it. The restaurant itself is very secluded and sits as a solo building. The exterior and interior is just too lovely to look at. You feel like you're eating at a real BBQ joint.

I got half a slab or ribs with a choice of two sides, I went for the fried okra and fried squash. My friend got their Redneck Platter which comes with catfish, frog legs and gator meat, also with two sides and she chose the bbq corn and fries. Both came with cornbread too.

The Redneck Platter was certainly something to get to try different types of meat. I personally wouldn't get it not because of the types of protein in it, but because everything is fried. I did try each piece and enjoyed them all, the batter has a really nice kick. Crispy yet moist. The frog leg itself was pretty fun to eat. It's flavor is similar to chicken and fish fused into one. There really isn't much meat on the legs itself but the flavor of the crust is what I mostly taste. The gator meat was a much chewier chicken nugget. The catfish which I didn't care for had a really nice crust on it.

My half slab of ribs is what got me excited. I love bbq and I love ribs! I prefer my plate over my friends any day and am really happy with my decision. I really enjoyed the ribs because they came dry and I could dip them in whatever sauce I would like. I absolutely dislike wet ribs because it's just so messy and I can never taste the meat because it's just covered in sauce. The only bad part about this rack was that some parts were actually really dry and almost similar to beef jerky. I didn't necessary dislike it because I love beef jerky! I also really enjoyed the fried okra and squash, they were crispy and tasty!

I think it was a really good decision to stop by Mike's Smokehouse for some BBQ. I was afraid since I randomly looked it up online and decided to just go to this one because it was the closest one to us. They certainly know how to make some BBQ and would love to come back to try other items off the menu, especially those smoked wings. The waitresses were really nice and completed this smokehouse vibe.

Check it out for some mean BBQ and southern food.

Mike's Smokehouse BBQ & Grill

7117 N Us Hwy 301
Tampa, FL 33610
(813) 626-5222

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