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3/20/2015 06:00:00 PM

If you don't like sushi than save yourself a trip and do not come here! This place is pretty much for sushi lovers from finger licking sashimi taster to fancy high rollers. One of the main reason I say this is because the menu consists mostly of sushi, the only kitchen food they have are "tapas" which are just little appetizers. 

I have been wanting to come here to try the food because of their high rating on Yelp and bam, I randomly decided to grab some lunch today. Yes, I'm actually writing a review of something I ate just hours ago! 

We started off with complimentary fried sushi rice balls with an garlic aioli and green onions. Yum! I've never had any complimentary appetizers at a casual sushi restaurant before so this definitely was unique. I actually enjoy these little balls and they definitely do get you prepared for your meal. 
Another appetizer to start with we ordered the Tuna Guacamole, which is a mixture of spicy tuna, tomato cilantro, onion, avocado, and wonton chips, massage, scallion, togarashi, sesame.  I love that everything on the menu is a real legit "fusion" twist. I love the Spanish and cajun twist on every dish here at Pisces. The Tuna Guacamole was pretty tasty, I only wish that there was more spicy tuna, but I guess I really wanted a tuna tartare instead ;). I love the crispy wonton chips and think it goes well with everything, it's just so light and crispy.

Okay lets move on to the sushi! We ordered the Spider roll, The Swamp Thing, Salmon and Octopus nigiri. I noticed that the nigiri's were a bit pricy compared to other places, but when they came out I understood why. The cuts were just so juicy and huge! It's all topped with masago, green onion and sesame seeds. Yum!

Just look at that octopus! I was so excited and happy when I saw this huge piece of octopus. It was really good too. Juicy and thick! 

The spider roll is a bit different too, it consists of panko fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, sriracha aioli, kabakyaki, masago and scallions. I'm so used to the tempura fried soft shell crab which tends to be mushy, but here at Pisces they use panko which crisps everything up, and also gives it an amazing crunch. I also tend to get really sick from any rolls covered in sauces but the sauces here at Pisces are super tasty and not sickly sweet or thick. 

Lastly, we have The Swamp Thing rolls. It's super unique and because of what's in it is what makes it a must try. The roll is made up of cajun panko alligator tail (yes, gator meat!), avocado topped with spicy crawfish, red pepper remoulade, chipotle sauce, masago and wasabi tobiko. This is definitely a snapper, the cajun spices gives it the perfect kick in each bite. The gator doesn't really have a distinct taste and is really similar to chicken, the cajun spices and crawfish wins at the very end. Overall, I think it's a roll you should definitely try and it's also reasonably priced!

This tiny restaurant has a very modern, clean and fun interior. The sushi bar is definitely a place to sit if you're up for an adventure. I did opt for the table for chit chatting, but no matter where you sit you get great service. Our server was upbeat and was on top of it, and super friendly. 

I definitely will come back! They do have a small menu, but I don't mind that as long as they serve good food and that they certainly do. There is no "entree" section so if you're looking for a real meal I suggest finding a different place. To me it doesn't matter because I am a big sushi fan. I absolutely love that there is a great fusion between Spanish, Cajun and Japanese cuisine. 

2340 State Rd 580
Clearwater, FL 33763
(727) 216-6764

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