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3/15/2015 08:19:00 PM

Do you want sushi? Do you want galbi? How about we go for both all at one restaurant! Sushi Ninja has been on my hit list for awhile now and I finally had the chance to grab some grub for lunch. They have a pretty awesome menu that consist of Japanese/Sushi and Korean food, oh and they also serve alcohol! Sweet deal.

Combine my two favorite cuisines and I'll love you for sure. Sushi and Korean bbq? Yum! Sushi Ninja is pretty new in Tampa, well.. not really new new, but ones of the newer sushi restaurant I wanted to try. We stopped by for lunch and grabbed one of their galbi lunch special that comes with rice, tempura, and sushi. I also ordered their sashimi dinner and dolsot bibimbap.

First off, the restaurant sits right on Kennedy which to me is one of the busiest road. It doesn't look much from the outside, but once you step inside you'll be engulfed with a modern and cozy environment. They have a large sushi bar that seems to stretch across the dining room (big plus!). They servers there all spoke Korean, which made me certain the Korean food would be bomb.

Sushi Ninja does have one page for lunch specials which doesn't hurt to take a look at. We ended up getting the galbi bento box. Within the lunch box you get rice, tempura, california roll and 3 sushi nigiri. I think it's an awesome deal, you get your meat and sushi all in one box? Heck yes! 
The cuts of sashimi for the most part was fresh and tasty. The variety types of fish in the sashimi dinner was meh, it wasn't mind blowing or something I'd remember. If you're going for really simple and basic fish I guess stick with it. Taste wise, I would have to rate it as average. I would come back to try their rolls and see if that would blow me away instead. 

Lastly, I have been in the bibimbap mood and one of the main reason we hit up Sushi Ninja is because I could get the Korean food out of my system while pleasing my lovers' sushi addiction (mine too). It's not hard to make bibimbap as it's just throwing a bunch of stuff in and mixing it up with some pepper paste. I do have to say I liked that Sushi Ninja serves their dolsot bibimbap with a raw egg yolk. You just can't go wrong with bibimbap!
The one only big disappointment that I have was when our Korean part of the meal was only served with 3 banchans (side dishes). I mean if you can make bibimbap you can put in a little more effort to bring out a few more banchan dishes, as bibimbap pretty much has your essential side dish components. I also though the flavors for the Korean dishes were not on point as I find it tastier elsewhere. 
Anyways, I definitely would like to come back to give their other dishes on the menu a try. They do have a very extensive menu full or sushi and Korean food, also available online so check out their menu. I do love the idea of sushi and Korean food and when you combine them both you just get pure awesomeness. 

3018 W Kennedy Blvd
South TampaFL 33609
(813) 898-2874

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