The World's Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3 - Tampa

3/29/2015 10:56:00 PM

Lets talk about the Food Truck Festival 3 at the Florida State Fair Grounds this year. I was super excited to attend because I wasn't able to last year. Food trucks to me is a really fun concept, but it's not something I am always on the look out for. I find them to be a tad pricey and the portion is really small. Getting one item from a truck is definitely not going to fill me up.

For this year I went on a Saturday afternoon, the first day the festival was open (March 28-29). It wasn't as crowded or crazy as I thought it would be which is really nice. I went to a few trucks and sadly wasn't satisfied with anything. Oh well.. except for one place, but lets get down to business!

The first stop is the Mmm Bap truck. I was excited to hear there was a Korean food truck and you know how I am with Korean food, I love it! There was only two items on the menu, it was the chicken bulgogi or beef bulgogi tacos. It was actually disappointing because I was hoping they would do something different than Korean tacos, like the bibimbap!

This is the beef bulgogi taco. I was actually really surprised that for 1 taco it was $5. The taco itself has kimchi, some cabbage (similar to coleslaw) and sauce. We also added the gochu (pepper) sauce. I wouldn't say it was spicy, but gave it a nice kick. The flavor of the meat is just your average sweet bulgogi sauce. I wasn't too impressed with the taco itself and thought that if they were to send out tacos there should be something unique about them for us to remember. Sadly this isn't something I would come back for.


Next stop we went to Hott Mess, it's a sexy pink food truck! My friend really wanted to stop by here because it was recommended. We got two items from here, the Buffalo Chicken Tots and the Hot Chihuahua. They served us in a timely manner even though their line was building up by the minute.

Excuse my photos if they were too bright or blurry. It was seriously a tough time trying to take photos because it was so bright and windy I couldn't even see my screen. Also it started to get crowded so I had to rush with everything.

The Hot Chihuahua is basically a hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with taco stuff. I wasn't crazy for it but my friend really enjoyed it. It's a great American and Mexican twist. The Buffalo Chicken Tots were nice and I thought they were good to share. The tots were crispy and goes well with the buffalo chicken topping and blue cheese. Once the tots were gone we were left is a mess of buffalo chicken, the tots were definitely needed.


Crab Daddy's Surf & Turf truck was very hard to resist. I really wanted to stay away, but I love seafood and crab is my number 1. I decided to grab their Crab plate that came with rice and corn. Honestly, I could have gone without. The plate was a lovely presentation but one of the most difficult thing to eat. There was no way to crack the snow crab legs because there's no crackers and they did not come pre cracked for you. The crab wasn't anything exciting, on the menu it said they were garlic crabs and sadly I tasted nothing but cajun spices. The rice too was really salty, but the corn was pretty good.


My most favorite thing of the day would have to be Big Crush Slush. They have really yummy natural flavors as bases and then you can add a different flavor into the slush. I'm so loving them I wish they had a store I can just stop by every day.

I got the Lemon Citrus with Mango and I couldn't stop drinking it up. Wish I could have gone to get seconds.. or third.. It's really that good!

The slush has a really nice consistency, very similar to the Icee slush so it's really easy to drink and no sharp ice edges to cut your throat with. The flavors are so intense and I enjoyed them all. The ginger flavor was really unique and is a great pick me up. The sweetness level is high up there but they use cane sugar. It does not taste like syrup so that is a big plus for me!

After walking around for a few hours we decided to check out the Pet Expo that was going on at the same time. If you love animals it's a must check out! We even got to hold a 4 year old gator.

As we were almost out the games we decided to grab some strawberry lemonade for the ride home. Freshly squeezed and freshly made. Yum!

I might happened to be all food truck pooped out but still enjoy going to check them out once in awhile. I do find that the price and quantity and quality is not worth it but it's fun to attend these types of festival. I don't care much for the normal burger/tacos/sandwiches trucks so unfortunately that might be the main reason why I don't like them. I am interested in the more unique food trucks though!

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