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4/01/2015 09:05:00 PM

Cajun food in Clearwater? What?!

Be ready to be punched in the face because Crispy Cajun does certainly kick it up with the spices. I can handle spicy food and I say the Medium is perfect, you can taste everything and still have the nice burn. I can't imagine what the Hot is like because it's double the spice. 

I can't keep myself away from this place! I did try a few dishes off their menu (special board), live crawfish and I'm in love. It's deep in flavor yet still perfectly seasoned. The kick though, it's really addicting. 

The gumbo is one of the biggest side that seems to be flying off the menu. The restaurant does recommend this item and also gives out samples, so you get to try it even if you don't order it. 

The gumbo comes with a tiny side of rice, which is pretty awesome. How thoughtful, huh? It goes really well together and makes this side soup even more filling. The gumbo itself is spicy, Cripsy Cajun really does know its heat factor. The thick almost gravy like soup is full of vegetables and sausages. 

The pork spring egg rolls reminds me of the ones my mom makes. It's a Vietnamese style egg roll where it's filled with mostly meat and served with a fish sauce dipping. The shell is light and crispy and it's full of juicy filling. It really brings out the Asian Cajun side to this restaurant. I definitely recommend the egg rolls if you haven't have this type of style before.

Now for the entree! I want to mention how big these portions can be. Yeah, 10 bucks a dish is pretty expensive for just one item, but it's worth every penny (once I saw the portion I thought it was well worth it). One box seriously feels like it weighs 5 lbs. Each dish I've had tasted like it's been cooked for hours. The flavors are developed so well that you can't help, but just keep on shoveling food into your mouth until you hit food coma. 

I know the photos for Cajun food isn't as pretty or bright, but the flavor is definitely there. This is the Cajun Chicken Curry, a dish the owner certainly takes pride in. She explained to me that it was put on the menu as a special and it has been requested so much it's been on the menu since. 

After the first bite, I was sold. I can see how this dish remains on the menu. The chicken is cooked for hours that it falls off the bone. The curry itself is a thick sauce full of potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. It does remind me a bit of Japanese curry with a Cajun twist and I approve! 

The next dish I tried was the Sausage & Rice which is like a cajun dirty rice. I only ordered this because it was the next popular item off the menu right after the Cajun Chicken Curry (which was sold out at the time). It's just as good as the Cajun Chicken Curry and I love the wet rice over dry dirty rice. Crispy Cajun really knows their cajun spices because this was also well seasoned. I was only able to eat about a corner of the box and had to call quits, the portion of this is just mind blowing.

UPDATE - I went back for some of their live crawfish and their Cajun Chicken Curry. The crawfish is a little different to how I usually get it. Most of the time I get the really saucy crawfish similar to Hot N' Juicy. I love love love the flavor there! Crispy Cajun contains onion and is not heavily seasoned, it's also a bit sweeter. I still enjoyed the crawfish though, it's cooked perfectly and tasty. I would come back for the crawfish!

Here's a bonus picture of the Cajun Chicken Curry, that's not from my cellphone! Enjoy!

I highly suggest stopping by Cripsy Cajun for lunch, dinner or both. The food is flavorful, spicy and down right dirty to eat. The restaurant staffs makes sure that you are helped and they put out their extra effort to know that you are satisfied. I greatly appreciate all the hard work.

2097 Drew St
ClearwaterFL 33765
(727) 441-8886

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