My birthday weekend of eating

4/13/2015 07:53:00 PM

So the past weekend was my birthday and I decided to just spend a night in Orlando. I didn't go to any theme parks, or anything crazy. I literally ate my way through the weekend.

It all started with my plan of going to Kappo for their sushi omakase, which was bomb! It's something I recommend to anyone who loves sushi. You can tell that I do because I'm always eating it! The quality of the fish is to die for. The experience also makes it very unique.

We did grab some smoothies while we waited for our seats at Kappo. We got to keep the mason jars, so that was pretty cool! 

After checking in and hanging out for a bit we ended up at the new Izziban Sushi and Korean BBQ off of Colonial. I must say that this location is way better than the other one. It's huge and the service was amazing, well the server we had was just on point and just so nice! We ate like there was no tomorrow.

We probably sat there for three hours of just eating and talking. It was also pouring so we were willing to just sit and have a blast cooking meat. Our plan of bar hopping was shot down, but it's okay I like meat more than alcohol.

After the rain calmed down we hit up Quickly Boba and Snow. It was something I kept seeing in Cali and wanted to give it a try. It's just a really cute store, too cute. They also carry the chubby size which is adorable and you must hold it with two hands!

The next day we grabbed some Katsu Curry and Takoyaki from Sapporo Ramen. This is my all time favorite place to get takoayaki, they are just so delicious, crispy and contains huge chunks of octopus!  We also grabbed some Chinese buns from next door before leaving the area.

Thanks for coming out :) We attended the Megaton event and dressed up as Ace Attorney characters. After the event we decided to hit up city walk and grabbed some dinner and drinks. Fat Tuesday has awesome frozen drinks. So pretty!
I'm ending this birthday weekend with crawfish. My weakness is shellfish. 

Surfs up!

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