La Reyna De Michoacan Ice Cream - Clearwater

5/09/2015 01:35:00 PM

My lovely friend introduced me to Mexican Ice Creams and I'm in love! I know Drew street in Clearwater is known for tons of Mexican restaurants (mom and pops), but never thought to take a look. We do plan on taking an adventure one day and just hitting a bunch of them up (my boyfriend is half Spanish so we do intend on a food tour to touch his feels).

So far I've tried their Mango Con Chile, Tamarindo Con Chile, Egg Nog with Raisins and Horchata. All of them were delicious! I prefer the fruit bars so I definitely am in love with the mango con chile and the tamarindo con chile.

What I love mostly about these fruit bars are the real fruit chunks, and there's a lot of them. All the combined flavors from sweet, salty and spicy are well balanced and it's not overwhelming. Each popsicle cost $2 which is very reasonable. The only downside is that it's cash only for purchases under $10. If you're going to bulk buy over $10 you may use your card.

I also really liked their horchata, which was extremely sweet, but so creamy and spiced. The boyfriend said it could use a bit more cinnamon, but it could be a preference thing. He drank it all up like it was water!

Summer is here and this seriously hits the spot. I absolutely loved the mango because it's my favorite fruit but the tamarind was also really yummy, if it's your thing. It's very tangy but it's balanced out with the sweet and salty. My boyfriend wasn't a big fan, but my friend and I are :).

The shop itself isn't much but they are well stocked with ice cream, popsicles, and drinks. The staff are a little intimidating and not as friendly, but I don't mind because their products are that delicious.

Let the summer and fruit bars addiction start!

La Reyna De Michoacan Ice Cream

1915 Drew St
Clearwater, FL 33765
(727) 467-0092

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