Margarita Festival 2015

5/30/2015 05:21:00 PM

Did anyone go to the Margarita Festival in Tampa Bay a couple weeks ago? I was able to stop by at around 6pm or so and the lines were still as crazy as during the day. Good thing the weather is really nice.

My friend got a deal off of Groupon so the admission was too expensive, but I know it was $25 at the door which is pretty crazy when drinks and food was separate.  Drinks were averagely priced at $7-8, but food was crazy! I believe it was around $10 average for food. I waited 30 minutes for pizza and then maybe the same amount of time for a Jamaican beef patty.

This year they introduced wrist bands where you load money onto. I like the idea but it did not cut the line speed at all which was a concern from last year. The lines were long everywhere and the bartenders and food service was just too slow for this wrist band payment to work as quick as they want it to.

I got a few drinks, one main stop was Extreme Margaritas with their Bacon margarita and Strawberry Sriracha margarita. The bacon one was a disappointment as it was merely just margarita with a piece of flimsy bacon. The Strawberry Sriracha margarita was pretty interesting and spicy. It reminded me of a really sweet and spicy Bloody Mary.

The next stop was to find a frozen margarita and they only had one stop! What?! We live in Florida! Well, the frozen margarita had 3 flavors from original, mango and strawberry. It was just daiquiri mix so nothing unique here.

I got a mixture of all the flavors. It was pretty tasty and probably my favorite of the night. Sweet and cold, yum!

I did also tried a Rum rita that consisted of spiced rum and margarita mix. I'll pass next time. It was certainly interesting, not delicious yet not horrible.

I was sadly unimpressed with the Margarita Festival. I was expecting unique and crazy margaritas but everything was as plain as plain Jane. If I ever go back to this festival I think the V.I.P. tickets are really worth it. There are many perks which are very useful as well as their own V.I.P. bathroom and lounge area!

Quick video for now :) It's very short because I was only there during the evening and it was just too dark to film.

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