QT Crawfish - Pinellas Park

5/09/2015 01:12:00 PM

After attending the Pinellas Park Crawfish Festival hosted by QT Crawfish I knew right away I had to visit their actual restaurant and give them a better review. Since then I have now gone and tried their crawfish twice.

The exterior isn't much, but it's located in the center of a little strip with other businesses. It's on Park Blvd so it is easily accessible from either north or south. The interior itself is very simple and clean, which is a big plus because these little suckers are a messy meal.

They have a great deal for $15.99 you get 2lbs of crawfish, corn, potatoes, sausage, and a crawfish jalapeño popper. On my first visit my friend and I decided to both go for it. At first we were had the impression that it was 2 lbs of crawfish by itself, but of course it wasn't (it's more like over 1 lbs of crawfish and the additional weight of everything else) and we were a little disappointed in the portion. I think that's just because we really like crawfish and would have liked more, but I think this is a great deal itself if you just want to skim the surface of crawfish eating.

The second time we visited we came prepared. We loved the crawfish jalapeño poppers so we had to get an order. I highly recommend it! The order comes with two pieces and they are large, juicy and filled with crawfish goodness.

I was also curious with the crawfish potstickers and ended up ordering 2 pieces, which were $1.50 each.

Thoughts? It definitely did not look like a potsticker to me, more like an empanada and also tasted exactly like it. I wasn't in love with it, it was still tasty, but I didn't care much for it. My friend certainly liked it a lot more than I did. I just couldn't get over the fact that it wasn't a potsticker.

Now on to the crawfish! I ended up ordering 3 lbs of crawfish and added corn and sausages to it. For some reason the portions do not look like it adds up, but oh well I ate it all. For the spice levels I feel like QT may be a little weak. I tried their spicy, which barely had a kick to me so I took a step up and tried their extra spicy. It does taste much better as you increase your spice level, but the extra spicy didn't give me the burn I expected it to. I was not heaving nor crying, which was a bummer!

The flavors of the sauce didn't really impress me. The fresh crawfish of course, is always delicious and you should never go frozen, but I would have to soak each crawfish meat into the sauce for it to soak up any flavors. Maybe, I just desire the thick garlic sauce that is served at  Hot N Juicy or Boiling Crab. BUT, the more I ate the better it tasted and I just want more now! *The sausage and corn is excellent here!!

Since I only know two crawfish places in the area (QT Crawfish and Crispy Cajun) I think I would visit both equally because they both have good qualities. It still doesn't beat the Crawfish in Orlando, but they do satisfy the cravings. I have been eating crawfish every week and feel the need to binge eat it until the season is over with. Good thing I'm not allergic to it! Like.. my friend who loves it, yet is becoming allergic to it, poor girl.

QT Crawfish

4418 Park Blvd
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
(727) 545-5900

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