Random eating during this couple of weeks

5/30/2015 05:01:00 PM

This is not much of a review post just because I've been mostly out at bars for Happy Hours or quick lunch breaks.

I love pho and was being brave and got an Large bowl of pho at Pho Kien Giang in Pinellas Park. I really like this place if you're looking for really comforting Vietnamese food. The service is meh, but the food definitely makes up for it. I also love how loaded a bowl of pho is, they do not skimp on the meat.

My new addiction for the past year or so is the Yum Beef Salad. I absolutely love salads, but there's something about the Yum Beef salad that puts them on a different level. I will have to say the lime fish sauce dressing makes the salad really heavy in flavor but it's pleasant in a good way. The fresh cucumber and tomatoes cuts the the potent dressing.  The Screaming Orgasm (I love the name) from Ban Thai & Sushi in Clearwater is saucy and heavy even when the roll has no rice. It's tasty but definitely too heavy for me. 

Happy Hour is the best hour! I've never been to P.F. Changs, but we stopped by the one in Tampa while waiting for a movie to start. The Spike Lemonade (Black tea?) is really yummy! I tried the Tuna Tartare and it was pretty tasty, especially with the light crispy wonton chips. I tried the Lettuce wraps and even though I was crazy for it my friend certainly enjoyed it.

Another Happy Hour visit while we waited for our movie to start. Mitchell's Seafood Market has a pretty nice selection from their Happy Hour menu. We got a few drinks (meh, I've had better) and some items off their menu. The oysters were pretty tasty and the fried zucchini as well. The Tuna Poke Tacos were extremely salty. The overwhelming flavors of soy sauce and wasabi made it difficult to eat but I do love the idea. 

I love Happy Hours :)

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