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5/19/2015 10:20:00 PM

*** Warning *** This may seem more like a rant

So I love the idea of endless meats. I love my meat and all you can eat, combine that together and ta-dah! You get this beautiful churrascaria style restaurant. Texas De Brazil is a Brazilian style all you can eat restaurant, serving up quality meats. In addition to the various types of meats they also have a very nice salad bar full of cheeses, vegetables, appetizers and so on. You also receive Brazilian bread, fried banana and mashed potatoes at each table.

They have a very fun system where each person will have control of a little card. One side is green for 'BRING ON THE MEATS' and red for 'I'm taking a break!' The meats are carried from table to table, sizzling waiting to be served.

So, I've been to the one in Orlando and I loved it. The service was amazing and the food was delicious. I was so impressed that I always thought highly of Texas De Brazil and always recommend it to friends. It's an amazing place for trying out various types of meats and they have an impressive and fresh salad bar. I think my boyfriend and I were there for a few hours and we were about to burst.

Here comes the rant. I was only at the Texas De Brazil in Tampa for roughly less than an hour. That's pretty bad for a party of 3. We waited to be seated, got settled in, ate and waited for the bill within an hour. At an all you can eat restaurant. Uhh.. That's a problem, especially how slow our service was.

What hurts me even more is that I brought my mother to this restaurant for an special occasion and was very embarrassed by the quality of the meats (they were all very, very salty) and the service.

I will have to say that the salad bar was still delicious as always. They have so many dishes from sushi, cheeses, salads, soups, etc. The salad bar was tastier than the actual meats served.. yes, I said it, it tasted much better than the meat served at an Steakhouse. Ouch huh? If it weren't for the salad bar we probably wouldn't have ate anything at Texas De Brazil today.

I was very excited to show my mom something different and thought Texas De Brazil would have various items for her to try. Once the meat started rolling by I was very hesitant because every bite I took it was like licking a salt rock. It was just that salty. I was hoping as I tried other various types of meats that maybe it's just the crust and it'll get better. Man, what hopeful thinking. It all ended when I got a piece of filet mignon and it was uncooked. I don't mind a piece of rare meat, but this sucker was RED. I passed it on to my boyfriend and even he didn't touch it. What a shame.

It really hurt. The fact that it just didn't get any better than that. Our server made the event even worse as he barely came by. I'm not too sure if sodas were refillable or not, but he never asked if I wanted another one. A different server had to fill my water (he only then asked WHEN we were paying our bill. Really?). He also did not even pick up our empty dishes from our table and I watched a manager point at our table to another server and he (that server) came over to pick it up. I watched for 70% of our meal our server just stood in a corner talking to another server. I would definitely understand if he was busy..

I was actually pretty heated and disappointed. I definitely did not have a smile leaving Texas De Brazil today. For a meal that's roughly about $50 per head (we ate for maybe 30 minutes at most) I did not expect service with such low quality. I also was very disappointed in the quality of food (meats). If I was actually writing right after my dinner I would have been more aggressive in this post, but since I went shopping I am more relaxed. I'll just leave it here.

I am very disappointed in you, Texas De Brazil. I was so excited to have a wonderful meal with my boyfriend and mother. Total disaster.

Texas De Brazil

  • 4112 W Boy Scout Blvd
    Tampa, FL 33607
  • (813) 871-1400

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