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7/03/2015 12:07:00 AM

It's date night! Here we are at Cork N Brew Bistro on Clearwater Beach enjoying their unique Lava Rock dinners. We have been meaning to come try this out for awhile now, but I seriously hate beach traffic.

This unplanned dinner date turned into a nice 3 course meal with lots of yummy food. The bistro itself is very tiny, but it is easily accessible from either North or South beach. It's also easy to find parking on a good day (they do not have a parking lot, but does have a few spots in the front or on the side).

I wouldn't say that this bistro is the cleanest as there were flies that kept bothering us while eating and we were sitting inside.  They do have a nice outside patio for when the day is nice to dine out. There's also a small bar with a good selection of beers and wines.

All of their non alcoholic beverages are bottled and pretty pricey, but that could also be beach prices.

Anyways! Let's start out meal!

We started with the ceviche which consisted of shrimp and scallops. It sounds pretty appealing, but once it arrived I was somewhat disappointed. The dish itself consisted about 80% of tomatoes and the shrimp and scallops were very tiny. The flavor itself wasn't bad, but because it had so much tomatoes in it it was like eating pico de gallo.

We were pretty excited to start ordering up our entrees.  We both wanted to try the lava rock dinners so we went for the Surf and Turf and Lamb option. I highly recommend the Surf and Turf with scallops!

The dishes comes out sizzling hot on a lava rock so you must be very careful not to burn yourself. The Surf and Turf was very impressive with a nice cut of filet mignon and 2 giant scallops, a side of veggies and 3 different types of sauces. The lava rock comes into work here as you are able to cook the steak to your liking by flipping it on the lava rock.

The lamb on the other hand was meh, it was very tiny with two little strips of meat and a side of veggies. I wasn't crazy for the lamb, but still enjoyed the experience of the lava rock.

Overall, I think the lava dishes were actually pretty pricey for the serving you get, but the experience was very unique. The flavors were also bland unless you cover them up with the sauces that are provided. I think that if I were to come back I would stick with the Surf and Turf because the scallops were the best part of the dinner.

After we finished our dinner we were feeling pretty good (because of the small portions) and decided to go for some desserts. The dark chocolate fondue was tempting and since my boyfriend and I have never done a real fondue experience we ordered it! The dish comes out with an array of fruits, sweets AND CANDIED BACON. Yes, I said it! There was also candied bacon that can be dipped into the chocolate and it was delicious, yum!

If I were in the area and was looking for a nice restaurant to have a date I would definitely recommend Cork N Brew Bistro. It's small, cozy and romantic. The service was good and even though the food portion is on the smaller size, that's not a bad thing. I didn't get bloated and was able to enjoy a nice fondue dessert! Oh and another big plus if you're chilling on the beach is that they are open really late! Good food late at night? Heck yes!

Cork N Brew Bistro

524 Mandalay Ave
Clearwater BeachFL 33767
(727) 483-5990

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