Craft Kafe - St. Petersburg

7/20/2015 08:54:00 PM

If you're looking for hipster and trendy, Craft Kafe is certainly the place to chill at.  They have this rustic yet artistic vibe and pretty good food and drinks. All the items are gluten free which is a big plus for anyone who has to worry about what they eat. Oh and a cool lettuce wall! Yes, a wall of growing lettuce.

Since I was in the area, I was able to visit on an Sunday afternoon and boy was it busy. They don't have an huge menu, but that doesn't stop them from serving up beautiful and healthy dishes. My friend and I both got their B.B.Q. pulled duck salad which sounded really intriguing. She also got an Apple and Yogurt pie.

There isn't much seating, but you can dine either inside or out. They also have an nice couch to lounge on and free wi-fi! It's certainly my study heaven cafe.

When the B.B.Q. pulled duck arrived I was excited to dig in. I was expecting more of a salad, but the pulled duck was served in a mini bun with a side salad. Taste wise, it was well seasoned and tender. I still prefer pulled pork because of the texture and meatier taste.

The food is fresh and beautiful to look at. It's bright and it already makes me feel healthy.

I tried some of the Apple and Yogurt pie and it's absolutely delicious! Gluten free? Why yes! It is pretty sweet, but the yogurt made the pie so moist it almost melts in my mouth.

I would highly suggest this cafe as it please the gluten free diets and also normal diets. It is a bit pricey as a meal and drink could cost you up to $20 not including a pastry (dessert). I love the vibe and the food is tasty!

Highly suggest it!

Craft Kafe

6653 Central Ave
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710
(727) 914-7443

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